This School Leader Is Carrying On His Father’s Legacy Of Education in Haryana

This School Leader Is Carrying On His Father’s Legacy Of Education in Haryana

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Rishikul Public School Hisar Haryana

Rohit Sharma, Rishikul Public School, Hisar, Haryana

Rohit Sharma was born into an upper-middle-class family with a strong educational background. His father, Shri Rishiram Sharma, worked as a professor and later became a principal in a college. Rishiram dedicated himself to ensuring that his son completed his degree and followed in his footsteps to serve society in the education sector.


Inspired by his father’s dedication to education, Rohit joined the field and served for almost two decades. However, after realizing the dire state of education in Hisar, his father felt compelled to give back to the community that had supported him. In 2001, he opened Rishikul Public School in the model town area of Hisar. The decision to open the school in this area was due to the non-availability of any recognized state government-affiliated school that could be affordable for the local community.

In 2002, Rishiram moved to Canada, leaving the responsibility of the school to a trusted principal. However, the legacy of the school and its mission to provide quality education to the community lived on. In 2007, after completing his studies, Rohit joined the school as its principal, taking the reins from his father’s trusted colleague. He took on the responsibility with passion and dedication, continuing his father’s legacy and striving to make the school the best it could be.

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The dedication of the father-son duo to this cause is truly inspiring, reminding us that education is more than just a profession – it is a calling.


“In 2001, the school started with just 80 students, a small beginning for what was to become a remarkable journey,” Rohit proudly expresses. Fast forward to 2023, Rishikul Public School has become a recognized 10th standard Haryana board-affiliated school, a testament to the relentless efforts of Rohit and his team. The school has earned a reputation as a leading institution in the area, providing affordable CBSE-level education to the lower middle-class families that make up 70-80% of the population. “Offering quality education to these families is a significant achievement for me,” screams the school leader, “It reminds me that affordable education is not only possible but necessary in today’s society.”

While the school’s growth is a milestone, Rohit and his team consider it just the beginning of their mission to provide education to all who seek it.

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Experience with Varthana

Rohit’s experience with Varthana shows the power of technology and social media in connecting people and solving problems. 

He stumbled upon Varthana’s advertisement on a social media platform while discussing loan requirements and possible options with his group, and within three days of raising a requirement, Varthana approached him. “The process was so seamless that I initially thought someone was playing a prank on me, but once the loan was approved and the amount sanctioned, I felt a sense of relief. I was delighted with the overall process and the manager who assisted me throughout the journey,” he claims.

The loan has enabled the construction of the second floor, and Rohit expects an increase in student capacity by 200 after its completion. His partnership with Varthana has been nothing short of a blessing, and he hopes that more schools will benefit from their services in the future.

Schools During COVID-19

“The pandemic has hit everyone globally, and small schools, in particular, were badly affected. Many students stopped responding to calls and attending classes, and when we reached out to their parents, they were misbehaving in terms of paying fees and other pending amounts. This needed to be handled patiently, so we started offering concessions in the fees. No annual or examination fees were charged during that time,” says Rohit. This strategy helped, and the students started joining online classes and bought books at a minimum price.

However, the post-COVID period presented a new challenge. Rohit recalls that many students were displaying behavioural issues and had stopped respecting their teachers. To address this problem, the class duration was reduced in the beginning so that students could get used to offline classes and sit for longer periods. Rohit also made adjustments to the difficulty level of the coursework to motivate students who were not performing well in exams. “Additionally, remedial classes were introduced to help students who were struggling.”

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Rohit has a clear vision for the future of his school. He wants to create a separate block for the pre-primary and primary sections, where the young learners can enjoy a safe and comfortable environment. He also wants to upgrade the school to CBSE affiliation, which will open up more opportunities and choices for the students. “We started with only up to class 8th in the beginning, but in 2022 we got the affiliation for high schools. We are not stopping there. We are planning to add +2 as well in the near future,” he says with determination.

Rohit believes that education is the key to empowerment and transformation. He is committed to providing quality education to his students and preparing them for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. He is an inspiring leader who is making a difference in his community and beyond.


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