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This School Leader Started with a Rented Space; Now Owns Two Successful Schools in Haryana

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Shyam Sunder Sharma, SD Model School, Haryana

Shyam Sunder Sharma, a modest man from a small Indian town, always believed in the power of education. Even while growing up in a family where education was seen as a luxury, he faced financial constraints but persisted, ultimately completing his graduation.

“It is crucial to dedicate time to studies; it not only imparts knowledge but also enhances our thinking abilities,” Shyam shares, firmly rooting for the belief that education is the key to overcoming life’s challenges and achieving success. He expresses his aspiration, saying, “I aspire to provide good education to the children in my school so they can reach new heights and fulfill their dreams.”

Shyam’s inspiring journey exemplifies how financial barriers cannot thwart one’s dreams and aspirations. Faced with the challenge of lacking familial support for establishing a school, Shyam took matters into his own hands.


In 1995, balancing a teaching job and ongoing studies, Shyam seized an opportunity to teach at a private school while simultaneously managing his marriage. Determined to turn his dream into reality, he rented a space to lay the foundation.

“I juggled my job and studies with dedication,” says the visionary. His teaching experience fueled his ambition to run his own school,with a commitment to providing quality education to the children in his town. He sought guidance from colleagues and friends and they helped him navigate the school setup process. “They guided me on how to register the school, purchase mats and boards – everything needed to start a school,” he fondly recalls.

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Growth of the School and Increasing Student Strength

In the initial year of starting the school, Shyam reflects, “We started with over 100 students, and I personally managed daily expenses. This routine persisted for a decade, witnessing a remarkable surge as the student count soared to 200-250 each year.”

With every passing year, the school’s financial health improved, empowering Shyam to adeptly handle the institution’s expenses.

Strategic Investments and Purchasing Land for the School

As time progressed, Shyam’s futuristic visions led him to invest in properties. The increasing values of these investments provided him with a strategic advantage. In 2001, he achieved a significant milestone by purchasing his own home for 18 lakhs, later selling it for 62 lakhs. With the proceeds, he fulfilled a longstanding dream—securing land for the school.

Reflecting on this achievement, the school leader expresses, “My hard work and dedication paid off, and the school became a success. We earned the trust of the parents, and they started enrolling their children in the school. With the success of the first school, we were able to purchase another school that was struggling. I paid back the owner in installments and turned the school into a profitable one.”

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Two Successful Schools, All Thanks to Varthana

Shyam now stands tall as the proud owner of two thriving schools and a home, all made possible through the support of Varthana. This achievement not only represents a personal triumph for him but also signifies the expansion of his enterprise, bringing forth valuable job opportunities within his town. Reflecting on this transformative journey,

Shyam expresses his gratitude, stating, “With Varthana’s steadfast support, we’ve not only expanded our business but have also become a catalyst for employment and educational opportunities in our community.”

Challenges Faced During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic posed challenges for the school leader, causing a nearly 1 crore loss. Undeterred, Shyam successfully sustained his school and even reclaimed lost student strength. Reflecting on this period, he shares, “It was a tough time, but we pulled through. We not only kept the school running but also regained the students we had temporarily lost.”

Future Plans and the Vision for Another School

Drawing from his triumphs, Shyam is poised to launch another school, driven by the conviction that education unlocks success. With a fervent desire to provide quality education to the less privileged, he’s actively taking measures to expand this venture.

In Shyam’s words, “From leasing a space to owning two schools and a home, it speaks to diligence and foresight.” Surmounting financial hurdles, he bestowed quality education, emerging as an inspiration: “My narrative resonates with those striving for success through education and unwavering effort.”

The school leader’s journey embodies the spirit of resilience and strategic vision, proving that dedication, wise investments, and a commitment to excellence can turn dreams into success stories.


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