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This School Leader, Who Once Walked 4 Km To School, Now Enhances Basic Education In Rural Bhopal

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Santosh Singh, Golden Future Convent School, Bhanpur, Bhopal

Santosh Singh, Golden Future Convent School, Bhanpur, Bhopal

Santosh Singh, born into a lower-middle-class family in the small village of Bhanpur, Bhopal, lacked proper education facilities and faced the challenge of traveling 4 km on foot daily to reach the nearest school. Growing up in these circumstances, he recognized the importance of education early on and resolved to ensure that no one in his village would face the same struggles. This determination became his life’s ultimate goal.

Santosh expresses his determination, stating, “I don’t want others to struggle for education like I did.” His mission is clear: to make education accessible in his village, providing opportunity and empowerment for generations to come.


Santosh moved to Bhopal for his higher secondary education, where his passion for teaching ignited. He began teaching the young kids in his neighborhood. When he finished school, he aspired to pursue further education, but the course fee was too high. Undeterred, Santosh embraced the mantra, “Where there is determination, there is a destination.” He then started tutoring more students to afford his college fees. 

After completing his graduation, Santosh returned to his roots, fueled by a bold vision. In a small rented room, he founded a coaching institute where he could teach the future generation. The student count quickly surged, and over the next decade, he continued earning a good income. Santosh reflects, “The earnings from coaching instilled in me the hope to fulfill my life’s dream.”

Santosh Singh, Golden Future Convent School, Bhanpur, Bhopal

Starting the School

Starting a school wasn’t easy for Santosh. It required substantial funds, surpassing what he had meticulously saved. Without owning any land in his village to erect a school building, Santosh took the bold step of renting a building, and in 2009, with immense pride, inaugurated his own educational venture—the Golden Future Convent School.

 Santosh shares, “Having earned a stellar reputation in my village due to the outstanding results of my coaching institute, I had a distinct advantage.” Unyielding in his pursuit, he adds, “I didn’t let lack of funds or personal land stop me from making my dream school a reality.” 

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School’s Growth

In the first year, the school quickly grew, welcoming over a hundred students across various grades. Santosh, driven by a vision of empowerment, hired young graduates from his village as teachers, aiming to help them earn a good living. He put in a lot of effort in ensuring his students’ holistic development for a promising future. He underscores, “I am committed to not only empowering my students but also the youth of my village by creating job opportunities for them.”

As the school expanded, Santosh planned to relocate it to his own land.  Yet again, this aspiration faced a financial hurdle. He knew that constructing a well-furnished infrastructure required a substantial amount of funds, which he did not have.

Golden Future school

Varthana’s support

In the pursuit of a large sum, Santosh approached several banks but faced only rejections. Then, a turning point came when a representative from Varthana visited his school, unveiling an offer tailored to support affordable private schools. In just a month, with the completion of the necessary paperwork, Varthana provided a loan of 40 Lakhs. This crucial assistance helped him to secure the land and construct much-needed classrooms.

Expressing his gratitude, Santosh says, “Varthana turned my dreams into reality by supporting me when I needed it the most. Beyond providing loans, they also offered academic guidance, setting them apart from other firms.” In 2021, after the pandemic, Santosh took another loan of 10 lakhs to further enhance the school’s infrastructure. 

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Santosh Singh, Golden Future Convent School

Pandemic and the school

The pandemic severely impacted the school’s enrollment and Santosh struggled to pay salaries to his staff. Santosh says, ”I spoke to my team and persuaded them to work for reduced pay.” Using online classes, he kept his students learning. Instead of insisting on full fees, he understood the parents’ situation and allowed them to pay whatever they could. He successfully gained the trust of the parents, preventing students from dropping out. Reflecting on this challenging time, he adds, “Understanding and supporting each other during tough times is crucial, and it helped us keep the school going.”

Future Vision

The school leader’s future goal is to provide top-notch education to his students, ensuring improved job prospects for them. Additionally, the school emphasizes involving children in more sports activities. Sharing his vision, Santosh says, “I aim to provide the best education possible, opening doors to better opportunities for our students. Sports are vital for overall development, and we want our students to enjoy a well-rounded education.”


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