This Tech-Savvy School Leader Turns Ancestral Land Into A School For The Unprivileged in Meerut

This Tech-Savvy School Leader Turns Ancestral Land Into A School For The Unprivileged in Meerut

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Madni Public School, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh

Jahangeer Alam, Madni Public School, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh


Many communities in India take pride in their rich cultural history. Yet, these communities often see limited progress in educational development, particularly for younger generations. This is what Jahangeer Alam had to endure as a child growing up in Baghonwali, Uttar Pradesh. His village lacked access to quality education and resources, a far cry from the amenities available in today’s modern educational institutions.

His childhood experiences inspired him to view education as a transformative space, capable of reshaping society’s perspectives. Motivated by this vision, he aspired to give the children of his community the kind of childhood he wished he had, classrooms full of knowledge and dreams.

With a strong desire to bring about a positive change in the lives of children living in Meerut’s rural areas, Jahangeer decided to open up Madni Public School in 1999. His primary focus was to provide his community a better future and this dedication has paid off in various ways.

Jahangeer Alam, Madni Public School, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh

How the school started

For a very long time, Jahangeer and his friend contemplated the idea of opening a school to teach the community children during their leisure time. However, finding a suitable space was a challenge. This is when his father’s vacant property came to the rescue. “My father owned a large plot in the village with small rooms that had been empty for some time. He suggested that we could use it to establish the school, instead of using it for personal profit,” Jahangeer recollects.

“The main motivation for starting this school was to educate parents and students about the importance and value of education.”

Today, Madni Public School is more than just a typical institution for the people of Baghonwali; it has become a symbol of pride and trust. It is now seen as the best option for all parents seeking to provide their children with an unparalleled education that blends an English-medium curriculum with the right modern educational tools.

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Adapting to COVID-19

Every industry suffered during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the education field was no exception. As the situation became remote, schools were forced to shut down and find new ways to educate students. “The situation was extremely difficult, especially for rural schools like ours, with limited resources and scant access to technology,” Jahangeer acknowledges, “but that didn’t deter us.”

Jahangeer and his team saw the pandemic as an opportunity for adaptation and innovation. It presented a unique chance for Madni Public School to expand its reach and provide quality education to more students.

Madni Public School reported a rise in enrollment from 550 to 800 students as a result of this campaign. This growth continued even after the school reopened.

The school was able to keep the students’ learning engaged by creating worksheets. Customized teaching strategies were also implemented to alleviate the gap in interactive learning.

School growth in the digital age

Jahangeer has progressively adapted Madni Public School to the digital age and the result is all positive. “Our school now accepts online admissions and fee payments. To keep up our digital presence, we’ve now created a website and Facebook page where parents can receive regular updates and track their child’s progress,” he proudly announces.

Moreover, the school has effectively leveraged technology to stay in touch with its students. Jahangeer adds, “A WhatsApp group has been created for sharing school updates and addressing queries. Students can use this platform to share their accolades, extracurricular activities and other concerns. We have also launched a YouTube channel to help them with additional educational content.”

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Relationship with Varthana

Varthana stepped in with financial support when Jahangeer was seeking additional funds for upgrading the infrastructure and learning resources of the school. This fund helped them curate all academic resources, including workbooks and comprehensive teaching materials. Varthana also helped the school meet the basic needs of poor children, which allowed them to study in a safe environment.

School’s Vision

Jahangeer’s vision has always been unambiguous; he aimed to make an impact on the lives of countless Baghonwali students through education. To this day, Madni Public School remains committed to providing exceptional education, with an emphasis on creativity and innovation. Because of this ideology, the school is more respected and praised by the community and nearby villages.

Jahangeer Alam’s journey from a small village in Baghonwali to becoming a successful school leader underscores the importance of a selfless commitment to societal welfare. The educator in him, despite challenges, perseveres and innovates for the benefit of children. His stride towards transformation has inspired the children from his community to aspire and soar to greater heights.


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