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In The Nick Of Time

“Varthana continued to stay by my side and little by little, helped me develop my school.”

A school leader’s steady determination to educate children in her neighborhood rewarded the community with a school that provides education in English from LKG to standard 5.

The school leader’s life is an inspiring story of challenge, which was ultimately overcome. Both societal and familial pressure made it difficult to work to the highest potential and contribute all that was possible. Despite this, this school leader began teaching in a school and holding after-school tuitions to do what she was always meant to do – teach. When pressure from all corners continued to persist, she optimistically took this as a challenge and finally started a school of her own.

Running a school held its own set of challenges. There was a struggle for finances. There were times when she could not afford fuel for the school bus. The school building also required reconstruction and this only increased her financial struggle. She worried about her students and their promising futures, which she was so hopeful about.

Partnership with Varthana

The school’s timely partnership with Varthana provided the financial resources she required to complete the construction of her school building, build stable classrooms and continue helping children study better. Having implemented the School Transformation Program into classrooms, the school has seen a marked development in her students and her teachers, who are consistently making an effort to speak in English in their classrooms.

It was always her dream to start a school, help children get an education and in so doing, uplift other vulnerable sections of society such as the elderly and orphaned children whom she has the heart to serve. This school achieves this each day she walks into classrooms to help young people become responsible young adults who will go on to shape a better world.