An Equal Opportunity To Succeed

Most students start at Level I. They walk in a line, finish their homework and sit quietly because they don’t want to get in trouble with the teacher.

The School’s Beginnings

The school started in the early nineties when its school leader could not find a school for the 60 orphans who were living with her. She wanted these children to have an equal opportunity to succeed in life and knew that a good education was the essential first step.

She first went to all of the schools in the neighborhood but discovered that there was no school that was in a position to take in all the children. She even tried the government school (which had no constraints on capacity) but the indifferent attitude of the staff there made her resolve that the children deserved something better.

After all her options had been exhausted, only one option remained on the table – to start her own school. So in 1991, an institution was born and for the past 20 years, it has provided a good education for thousands of children with almost 600 students currently enrolled.

About The School Entrepreneur

The school leader’s pride in her school is evident. The school facilities are in pristine condition as she regularly undertakes renovation work. She treats the school as her own home and as we discovered, it is! The school is her life’s work and she has passed on her love and dedication to her daughter, who teaches at the school.

Why Varthana

Although she plans to add another level to the building in order to create additional capacity for the school, the immediate need was to add new benches, a library and a computer lab. Seeing that Varthana’s products are designed specifically to fit the variety of needs that a school like hers faces, she decided to take a Rs. 5 lakh (USD 9,250) loan to address her school’s immediate needs. The small loan from Varthana is now allowing the school to give its students the opportunity to learn and grow in new ways.

Going Forward

In time, the school wants to take on the larger project of expanding the school’s capacity as well as making additional improvements that help the students. Knowing that she now has a long-term partner allows the school to aspire to build on its already impressive achievements.