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Green Valley Public School

“Real education equips children who step out of school after grade 12 with the qualities and skills to face a competitive world outside.”

Founded in 2014 by Mr. Velu, Green Valley Public School operates with the objective to give students in the Natrampalli area a high quality of education.

We sat down with Mrs. Indra Vijaykumar (the Principal of Green Valley Public School) who has been in the field of education for the past thirty years. Mrs. Vijayakumar shared with us what defines education and what students need to learn to face the world.

Mrs. Vijaykumar shares that real education trains young minds to accept people as they are, respect others and develop a good self-esteem. This is very important for children to live their lives. When children learn to identify their strengths and weaknesses, they learn to survive in a world filled with competition i.e. the world of work.

Enabling each student to be ready for the world that awaits them is what Mr. Velu strives to achieve in the life of each student at Green Valley Public School.

Partnership with Varthana

As a principal, Mrs. Vijaykumar pays special attention to the academic services that Varthana provides to her school. In addition to financial support, the academic analyses and assessments that Varthana provides helped the school management identify gray areas in terms of the academic performance of students from grade 3 to grade 8 in English and Science.

Based on this assessment, Varthana and the school management came up with an action plan to develop remedial measures to enhance learning in multiple subjects.

Varthana has successfully connected the school to external education solution providers K-Yan and Karadi Path who have fulfilled the school’s needs in digital learning and English communication support tools respectively.

Both Mr. Velu and the management are open to new ideas and willing to implement them for the betterment of their students. One way this can be seen is the special learning center set up to support students with learning difficulties and help them catch up with the rest of the class.

By providing quality education, Green Valley Public School is focused on preparing students to adapt, thrive and succeed in the society they live in.