Oneness Amongst All Students

“It is important that we begin providing children with examples of people who worked together, learned together, and lived amongst one another.”

When it came to naming her school, Mrs. Lakshmi (name changed) wanted a word that would reflect her desire to foster a sense of oneness amongst her students. 

Before opening the school, the school leader used to teach students after school. Even as a tuition-teacher she realized her ideas on education were unique, progressive and often different from the other teachers. She thought to herself, if there are such differences on providing after-school tuition, how tough would it be to agree upon providing basic education?

Thus began a journey that saw the school leader and her husband establish a school on rented premises with just a few hundred students. But they soon ran into space constraints. Finding a building with an adequate capacity for the growing number of students was an issue they needed to fix soon.

Partnership with Varthana

Using their first loan from Varthana, the husband-and-wife duo purchased a residential house to expand their school. Experiencing an increase in enrolments, the school continued to grow. This growth created the need for even more space and facilities to give the children an exceptional education.  Six years later, the school has expanded to 3 school campuses in Bengaluru with a 200-student increase each year. With a further two loans from Varthana, they have purchased a parcel of land in close proximity and are currently in the construction-phase of a four-storey school building. With their current infrastructure, they educate 1,200 students in the main school and 600 students in the other two campuses.

Over the years they have incorporated basic computer education into the curriculum and are preparing for more integration of technology. The school has added extra curricular activities such as karate, language, and classical and western dance to highlight the importance of culture, discipline and moral lessons into their educational experience. These determined school leaders envision the children who graduate playing a valuable role in society. It is the reason they work laboriously to ensure their learning experience is exceptional.

“If young students carry forward these lessons into adulthood,” the school leader shares, “each child can achieve what the school set out to accomplish: create a society of people who learn together, work together and live amongst one another.”