Venus Public School

“If we want to change society for good, we need to work at the ground level in the classrooms, with parents, and face-to-face with students.”

The owner and headmaster of a small school is committed to improving the lives of students who are receiving an education in his school. Education for grades KG through 10 are offered at two locations in close proximity to one another and there is an equal balance of both boys and girls.

The majority of families in the area are primarily in service and daily-wage occupations such as domestic helpers, taxi drivers and manual laborers and the low incomes they earn mean they cannot always afford to pay their children’s tuition fees or school supplies.

The school management is concerned about such families however and, through a scholarship fund, do their best to extend the school’s services to families in financial need. For the husband-and-wife team who founded the school, their goal is long-term. By offering families a high quality of education at affordable rates, they have the opportunity to serve the community and improve their standard of living.

“If we want to change society for good, we need to work at the root level – in the classrooms, with the parents, and face-to-face with students”, the school owner shares. He goes on to explain that educators have a unique yet crucial position in the life of a child. The school’s partnership with Varthana has enabled the school owners to reach out to more children with all the opportunities that a good education can provide.

If the mind of an educator focuses on ensuring that children of all communities work together to build a productive classroom, neighborhood and society, the children will follow suit. Without this focus, children tend to fall wayward. To use of the position of an educator – to do good – is the greatest service one can do for the community around them.