Solution Partners

India has 370+ million young people which is the largest group of student-aged young people in the world.


Smart classes are called the classrooms of the future. KYan (a product of K-Class) is a projector-PC that is uploaded with content for grades 1 – 10 across all boards of education in India. Using audio-visual learning, KYan gives students the ability to study subjects through experiential learning model in their everyday classroom environment.


Good education starts at a young age. For KG to grade 3, Hippocampus has prepared comprehensive curriculum including course material, age-appropriate lessons, creative activities and all-round learning experiences. One of the school owners we work with was able to increase KG enrollments by 12-13 students by using the Hippocampus curriculum.

Karadi Path

English can be one of the most difficult subjects for a student to learn. Karadi Path uses effective methods to teach students how to speak, read, write and listen correctly – in English! After using Karadi Path, teachers have been able to see a positive change in the English communication skills of their students.


A good school uniform can ensure proficiency and comfort as students pursue their academic careers. Having provided over 1 million high quality school uniforms, school bags and shoes to over 150 schools, UniPro is experienced in delivering school products as well as a comprehensive uniform program in a timely and hassle-free manner.

School Diary

Effective teacher-parent communication is essential to run a successful educational institution. School Diary is an app that helps the school management connect with parents on a regular basis to communicate messages on homework, bus tracking, fee payments, events, etc. With School Diary, the school management and parents can connect to shape the education of each student.

Pratham Books

Books are a powerful way to place learning into the hands of students. For each classroom, Pratham Books provides a book-rack with around 100 books across all subjects for students in grades 1 – 10. In promoting reading, schools can ensure that a student’s learning capability extends beyond the classroom.