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“I am able to see very evident and positive changes in the students and teachers in the classrooms, due to the School Transformation Program.”

Inspired by John Milton’s Paradise Lost in which the author writes about a perfect garden for humankind, a thoughtful school leader named his school after this description. He wanted to create a space for children in which the facilities in the campus would be conducive to the students’ growth and prosperity.

From an early age, Mr. Bala (name changed) was teaching. He would tutor his peers as a pre-teen and when he left home at age 18 he began holding tuition classes. In 1986, he established a primary school with the small sum of money he had saved up.

The origins of the school is the result of the need for an educational institution to raise the next generation of individuals with a good education and good morals.

When Mr. Bala decided to add a secondary wing in 1991, members of the community personally contributed what they could to help the school leader with its construction.

Partnership with Varthana

Mr. Bala wants every student in his school of 800+ students to develop honesty, hospitality and humanity – the three H’s as he calls it. He explains that his partnership with Varthana helps him impart these characteristics to his students through the School Transformation Program (STP).

The STP Education Specialist holds weekly sessions in the school, which have produced visible changes in the students and teachers. The language and communication skills of the students have improved, while the teachers are incorporating different teaching methods and displaying a keen interest in the academic development of the students.

Mr. Bala shares that the students look forward to seeing the Education Specialist and have asked for STP’s sessions in more of their classrooms. The parents have also expressed their satisfaction with the program and desire its continuation in the school.

Eden Garden School aims to continue as an educational institution which strives to equip young people from KG to grade 12 with not only an education but with a foundation to be shaped into responsible citizens.

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