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Is India ready to create jobs for an army of the young unemployed?

Jobs for unemployed
India, with its colossal population and one of the world’s largest youth demographics, faces a pressing challenge of creating sufficient job opportunities for its army of young unemployed individuals. As the country aspires for economic growth, social stability, and inclusive development, the ability to harness the potential of this burgeoning workforce becomes crucial. However, the[...]
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Role of Skill Development in India’s Job Market Transformation

Skill development courses
Introduction:  India, renowned for its vast human capital, is currently experiencing a significant transformation in its job market. In its pursuit of sustained economic growth and overcoming unemployment challenges, skill development plays a pivotal role. Skill development is of utmost importance in India as it addresses the unemployment crisis, enhances employability and promotes economic growth.[...]
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What are Green Jobs and Their Impact on the Economy?

Varthana - Green Jobs and their impact on the economy
What are Green Jobs? Green jobs refer to positions in agriculture, manufacturing, R&D, administration, and service activities that are focused on preserving or restoring environmental quality. These jobs are crucial for enhancing energy and raw material efficiency, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, minimizing contamination and waste, restoring ecosystems, and aiding in climate change adaptation. The International[...]
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