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Varthana Student Loan EMI Calculator

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What is a Student Loan EMI Calculator?

Varthana Student Loan EMI Calculator makes your life easier. The online tool helps you, as a prospective student loan applicant, calculate the total amount (principal portion and the interest) that you pay every month until your loan is fully repaid.

This Education Loan EMI Calculator helps you understand how much EMI you will have to pay on your loan, allowing you to plan your finances better and ensuring that you repay your loan on time, every month. Just enter the interest rate as well as the loan amount and repayment tenure required in the relevant fields to calculate.

Varthana Student Loan Installment Calculator is:

  • Quick: The student loan EMI calculator enables you to calculate the EMI amount you will have to pay within seconds.
  • Simple: You just need to provide three key information – the principal amount of the loan, the applicable rate of interest, and the loan tenure – and you will get a clear picture of the EMI amount that you will be paying every month.
  • Free to use: The education loan EMI calculator is a student-friendly tool. This calculator is easy to use and is available to everyone free of charge.
  • Student-friendly: The student loan EMI calculator helps you budget all of your expenses and save for your financial goals.

Now, before you apply for a Varthana student loan, first assess how much your EMIs – which remain fixed for the entire tenure of your loan – will be to ensure that you take a loan you can afford and repay without stress. Interest starts accumulating from the moment your loan is disbursed, and your co-borrower will be charged interest until the tenure period.

How Does the Student/Education EMI Calculator Help You?

The Student/Education Loan EMI Calculator is an essential tool for those applying for or planning to apply for a student loan. It helps you determine how much you will have to pay on a monthly basis towards the EMI of the loan. By knowing this, you can choose preferred interest rates and plan your monthly budget accordingly. It helps you to plan your finances better and make informed decisions while opting for student loans. The student/education loan EMI calculator is simple to use, completely free, and saves time as you can calculate the EMI within seconds.

How to Use the Education Loan EMI Calculator?

To use the student/education loan EMI calculator, simply enter the following details:

  • Amount: This is the student loan amount you require, and you can update the loan amount by marking it on the calculator.
  • Tenure: This refers to the time period during which you will be paying your EMI. The longer the tenure, the lower your EMI amount, and the shorter the time period, the higher your EMI amount.
  • Rate of Interest: Different lenders offer different rates of interest, so you will need to enter your preferred interest rate on the loan.

These data sets will give you the result of how much EMI you will need to pay each month towards your loan. You can edit these details to get a different set of EMI amounts that would suit your monthly budget and repayment capacity. This student/education loan EMI calculator is a helpful tool that simplifies the loan repayment process and makes it easier for students to manage their finances. The student/education loan EMI calculator is 100% free and student-friendly, making it an easy and efficient tool to use.

How to Calculate the Student Loans EMI?

It’s actually quite simple to figure out how lenders charge EMIs for a given billing cycle. Take the following steps to see how the Education Loan EMI Calculator works:

Formula: Use this formula to calculate the EMI.

    EMI = [P * R * (1+R)^n] / [(1+R)^n-1]
    P = The principal amount
    R = The rate of interest
    n = The tenure

Example: Here’s an example of how education loan EMI is calculated:

Say you borrow an education loan of Rs. 10 lakhs with an average interest rate of 12% for a period of 5 years. Then the EMI would be:

  • P = Rs. 10 lakhs
  • R = 12/100/12 (converted to months)
  • N = 5 years
  • EMI = Rs. 22,647

Advantages of Using Education Loan EMI Calculator

Here are the advantages of using an education loan EMI calculator:

  1. Saves time: By using an education loan EMI calculator, you can quickly calculate the monthly installment you need to pay for your student loan, which saves you time and effort.
  2. Accurate calculation: An education loan EMI calculator provides an accurate calculation of the monthly installment, which helps you plan your budget accordingly.
  3. Easy to use: Education loan EMI calculators are easy to use and require only basic information such as loan amount, tenure, and interest rate.
  4. Helps you compare loan options: By using an education loan EMI calculator, you can compare different loan options from various lenders and choose the one that suits your budget.
  5. Helps you plan your finances: An education loan EMI calculator helps you plan your finances better by giving you a clear idea of the monthly installment you need to pay, which helps you plan your expenses and savings.
  6. Saves money: By using an education loan EMI calculator, you can save money by choosing the loan option with the lowest interest rate and the most affordable monthly installment.
  7. 100% Free: This education loan EMI calculator is student-friendly and doesn't cost anything to use.

Student Loan EMI Calculator - FAQs

Varthana education loan EMI calculator is a handy tool that allows students to input various parameters such as the loan amount, interest rate, and tenure of the loan. It then calculates the monthly installment that the student needs to pay towards the loan. By using this calculator, students can easily compare different loan offers from various lenders and determine which loan offer is the most suitable for their financial situation.

As a finance company specializing in education loans, Varthana recognizes the importance of accurately calculating loan EMIs for students. So students can use our education loan EMI calculator to calculate education loan EMIs - it is a simple and less time-consuming process.

Although, if students want to calculate an EMI manually, they would need to know the loan amount, the interest rate, and the loan tenure. From there, the EMI can be calculated using a mathematical formula - "[P*R*(1+R)^n]/[(1+R)^n-1]". However, there are many factors that can affect the accuracy of the calculation, such as changes in interest rates or the addition of processing fees.

At Varthana, we understand that our customers value convenience and accuracy when it comes to calculating their loan EMIs. That is why by using our online EMI calculator, students can save time and ensure that their loan repayments fit within their budget.

If you miss your EMI or pay it late, there may be certain charges and consequences that you should be aware of.

Firstly, missing an EMI or paying it late can negatively impact your credit score, which can make it difficult for you to obtain loans or credit in the future. It's important to make timely payments to maintain a good credit score.

In addition, Varthana may charge you a penalty for not paying the EMI before the due date. The amount of the fee will depend on the terms and conditions of your loan agreement, as well as the amount of the EMI and the duration of the delay.

To avoid missing an EMI or paying it late, you can also set up automatic payments or reminders to help you stay on track.