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After the incredibly challenging past couple of years, you have emerged stronger than ever! Now is the time for you to start hunting for ways to gain an edge in your education and career.

Varthana is thrilled to present a series of live webinars exclusively designed for college students like you, aiming to guide you on how to thrive in the post-pandemic world. In this series, we will provide valuable ideas and strategies to complement your growth plan. Our webinars will cover essential topics such as career exploration, skill development, internship and job search strategies, personal finance and money management, and mental health and well-being.

Why should you attend Varthana webinars?

With over a decade of experience closely working with the education sector, we truly understand your needs. We share the same passion as you in helping you broaden your skills and deepen your understanding of your field of interest.

Past Webinars

Date Topic Request video
06/09/2023 Maximizing Productivity in College through Effective Time Management Request Recording
23/08/2023 Mastering Communications Skills for College and Future Jobs Request Recording
02/08/2023 Must Have Skills to Land Your Dream Job Request Recording
19/07/2023 Unlocking Leadership Potential: Skills and Strategies for Student Leaders Request Recording
21/06/2023 Financial Literacy: Managing Money and Building a Secure Future Request Recording
07/06/2023 Are you ready for job interviews? - Tips to land your dream job Request Recording
25/05/2023 Are you ready for job interviews? Write a resume that stands out! Request Recording
13/05/2023 Utilizing Your Summer Break: How to Prepare for College Like a Pro! Request Recording