What Next after 10th? Pre-university course/11th In 2022

What Next after 10th?PUC (Pre-university course)/11th In 2024

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What Next after 10th

After completing Class 10, students are advised to choose the right stream as per their interest level, which is tricky but equally important. This is a crucial phase of any student’s life as their upcoming career is dependent on this decision.

Is PUC/11th for You? Exploring This Path After 10th in 2024

Considering whether PUC/11th is the right path after completing 10th grade in 2024 requires careful thought. Students should assess their interests, career goals, and academic strengths before deciding. PUC/11th offers a more specialized and in-depth curriculum, focusing on subjects that align with students’ future aspirations. It provides opportunities for advanced learning and exploration in specific fields, preparing students for higher education or entering the workforce. However, it also demands greater dedication and academic rigor compared to earlier grades. Students should weigh the benefits of pursuing PUC/11th against other options, such as vocational training or alternative educational paths, to make an informed decision about their future education journey. Additionally, seeking guidance from teachers, counselors, and parents can help students navigate this important decision-making process effectively.

There are various combinations of subjects that you as a student can take up after 10th. Go through the following facts on multiple courses before deciding on which stream to choose in PUC courses after 10th:

  • PUC courses after 10th is a 2-year course with one Board Exam at the end of the second year PUC/12th.
  • Students get two academic years to identify their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Irrespective of the stream, each student is required to take 4 core subjects: English and a second language (Kannada / Sanskrit / Hindi / Urdu / Tamil / Telugu / Malayalam / Marathi).
  • If you decide to major in Science for PUC, you can switch to the Commerce or Arts stream in your final year. Many Science students, for instance, who perform poorly in PUC after realising that they chose the wrong major, enroll in courses like BCom, BA, BBM and BBA.
  • However, you cannot enroll in Science graduation programs if you select Commerce or Arts. However, Paramedical Courses are now open even for Commerce and Arts students.
  • With PUC following the CBSE Science syllabus, it will be a solid foundation for higher education.
  • PUC is considered as a basic qualification for many jobs. If a student is unable to continue with their studies or wishes to pursue correspondence courses, having passed PUC is always an advantage. Looking for job-oriented ITI courses after 10th? There are numerous high-salary courses you can pursue after studying ITI courses. Here is the complete list:

Let us take a look at the PUC courses list and subjects present in 11th and 12th standards of each stream:


Students who score a high percentage are eligible to enroll in Science. After Class 10th, students who wish to take up careers in science-related fields like engineering, medicine, research etc must take up Science courses in PUC.

Data analysts and statisticians are other career paths that open up with science courses after 10th. Want to know which job is best after 10th? Read this blog to find all the job-oriented subjects, courses, and prospects in 2024.

Skills and Qualities expected

  • A Science student is expected to have a good hold on Science and Mathematics. 
  • This stream demands hours of effort and talent linked to multiple concepts, theories, formulas and experiments.  
  • One must always be highly motivated to face challenges and tough competition.
  • One must be able to memorise and retain lots of information required to crack the engineering and medical entrance exams like IIT-JEE (ISEET), NEET and  CET.

High paying career options

  • Doctor
  • Software Engineer
  • Data Analyst
  • Digital Marketer
  • Website Developer
  • Database Designer

PUC courses list: Science

Colleges offer the following combinations of subjects in the stream of Science:

PCMB – Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology:

A combination of a science-oriented career. Most medical professionals and engineers start with these subjects. Those who are interested in doing research are also advised to choose this combination. Although there’s a chance of a list of options, it is also extremely challenging.

PCMC – Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Computer Science:

For students aspiring to become engineers, this is one of the best options because landing a job after PUC courses becomes easy. This combination is for those who have ruled out medicine as an option. This too is a challenging combination. 

PCME – Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Electronics:

Another great option for a career in engineering. For those of you inclined towards electronics, this combination preps you for engineering in the field of electronics.


Students who plan their career mainly in IAS, Economist and Psychologist opt arts. Arts courses in PUC is designed for students with strong linguistic, social, artistic, and interpersonal intelligence. This stream has interesting subjects such as Psychology, Sociology Education, Languages, Music, Economics, History, Geography, Political Science, Logic, etc.

You can also bend towards fine arts like Law and Literary Studies, Journalism, Communication, Hotel Management etc. Students can pursue Bachelor’s degrees in education, literature, languages, mass media, communication, arts, design, and other fields. A wide range of career paths can open up with arts courses after 10th.

Qualities expected

  • An Arts and Humanities student studies the most interesting subjects and are best suited for students having linguistic, social, artistic and interpersonal intelligence.
  • Commitment towards the subjects studied is a must. Today, the best lawyers, social scientists, economists, journalists, and policy-makers come have a Humanities background. 

High paying career options

  • Content Writer
  • Private Attorney
  • Psychologist
  • Flight Attendant
  • Event Manager
  • Journalist

PUC courses list: Arts

Colleges offer the following combinations of subjects in the stream of Arts:

HESP – History, Economics, Sociology, Psychology

A degree in sociology opens the door to a variety of careers in areas such as welfare, education, social research, and local and central government. Psychology is a broad field that includes topics such as how the brain works, how our memories are organised, and how people interact in groups.

HEPS – History, Economics, Political Science, Sociology

Consider political science as a major if you are interested in current affairs, want to influence public policy, and feel called to volunteer work.

Many other options after 10th are available including Polytechnic Diploma, Paramedical Diploma, ITI Courses, Job oriented courses, Govt Jobs and apprenticeship.


Students who want to make their career in the field of accounts, business, computer science, management or are interested in statistics can choose Commerce courses for PUC. Commerce students should have a strong hold on all financial-related areas like banking, trade, numerical, analytical and data theory. 

Skills and Qualities expected

  • A student pursuing Commerce courses for PUC must enjoy working with numbers, data, information, theory, and analysis.
  • Quick understanding and application of concepts in Accounts and Business Studies necessitate problem-solving abilities.
  • The pressure in Commerce courses for PUC is not much unless the student plans to take up competitive exams like Common Law Aptitude Test (CLAT) to join Law, Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing (SAP) to become a company secretary or Common Proficiency Test (CPT) to become a Chartered Accountant.

High paying career options

  • Chartered accountant
  • Company secretary
  • Investment banker
  • Stock market analyst
  • Trade analyst
  • Actuary

PUC courses list: Commerce

Colleges offer the following combinations of subjects in Commerce courses for PUC:

HEBA – History, Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy

  • Business oriented stream with history and economics. This option is good for students aspiring to become entrepreneurs.

CEBA – Computer Science, Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy

  • Another business oriented stream with Computer Science. This is also a good option for students aspiring to set up a business.

MEBA – Basic Maths, Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy

  • For students aspiring to pursue commerce or accounts. Chartered Accounting is a possibility after this. 

SEBA – Statistics, Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy

  • Another business oriented stream with Statistics and economics. This is also a good option for students who want to focus on business.

Future-Proof Your Education: Choosing the Right Path After 10th

In planning their educational journey after completing 10th grade, students must focus on future-proofing their choices. This gives opportunities to explore various paths, such as traditional academic routes, vocational training, or alternative educational options. They should carefully assess their interests, strengths, and career aspirations to make an informed decision. Researching the potential opportunities and challenges associated with each path is crucial. Students should also stay updated on the evolving job market trends to ensure their education aligns with future demands. Ultimately, choosing the right path after 10th grade sets the foundation for long-term success and fulfillment in their future endeavors.

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You should be open with your parents about what your interests and abilities. Because doing well in Maths does not guarantee success in Science. So, if your gut feeling says that you cannot handle the stream, tell them straight away. Remember, gone are the days when the world was solely run by engineers and doctors. Need funds for your Certification Courses. Enquire now


1. Which is the best combination in PUC?

The best combination in PUC depends on individual interests and career goals; some popular options include combinations involving Science, Commerce, or Arts subjects.

2. Which college is best for 1st PUC?

Determining the best college for 1st PUC varies based on factors like location, faculty expertise, infrastructure, and academic track record; it’s advisable to research and visit multiple colleges to find the best fit.

3. Which is the easy subject in PUC?

The perception of “easy” subjects in PUC can differ among students, but subjects like Liberal arts or Kannada Literature are often considered relatively manageable for some learners.

4. Which course is best after 10th?

The best course after the 10th depends on individual aspirations and interests; options range from continuing traditional academic studies to exploring vocational courses or alternative educational paths tailored to specific career goals. If you want to do your PUC/ 1+2 and need loans without collateral and easy payment plans, Varthana is the perfect place to begin.


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