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How To Apply For Student Loan In India ?

Why should finance get in the way of your dreams? Obtaining a student loan is a simple way to start living your dreams. A student loan can help you in gaining admission to the university of your choice. Varthana is here to finance your dreams, education and career goals.


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    We, at Varthana, understand your career goals and provide the required Student Loans to help you succeed on your path to higher education. Securing a Student Loan through Varthana is an easy and simple process. Our unsecured student loan is given up to an amount of Rs. 5 lakh with no collateral for students in India. The student must have secured admission in the university for availing the loan and the loan amount taken by students is paid directly to the institution. Apply for a student loan now.

    Courses Covered

    India’s education system is vast and competitive, with numerous universities offering degrees and diplomas in a wide range of courses and specialisations. The following are some of the courses that are covered by Varthana student loans:

    Studies in India

    • Graduation, Post-graduation including regular technical
    • Professional Degree/Diploma courses conducted by colleges/universities approved by UGC/ AICTE/IMC/Govt. etc.
    • Regular Degree/ Diploma Courses conducted by autonomous institutions like IIT, IIM etc
    • Teacher training/Nursing courses approved by Central Government or the State Government
    • Regular Degree/Diploma Courses approved by the concerned regulatory authority
    • Job oriented professional/ technical Graduation Degree courses/ Post Graduation Degree and Diploma courses like MCA, MBA, MS, etc.

    Expenses Covered In Student Loan

    Traditionally, the student loan in India covers the total tuition fee as well as some of the additional costs. Here are broad categories:

    Tuition fees

    100% College Tuition Fees payable

    Hostel: Food and accommodation expenses

    Accommodation charges

    Classroom: Books and uniforms expenses

    Exam and library fees

    Others: Laptops and training materials

    Books and equipment including a computer

    Expenses covered for study tours etc

    Traveling expenses abroad if any

    Varthana’s Student Loan Process:

    Our student loan process is divided into 3 steps:

    1.Here is how you can apply for student loan:


    Visit to learn more about instant loans for students. Fill out the contact form and submit it, or call us at 080-68455777. Our customer service team will contact you within 4 hours of the business day (Mon-Fri, 9.30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m.) to gather additional information and will assign a dedicated relationship manager to solve your student loan needs.

    2. Get approval


    A dedicated relationship manager will call or email you to set up an appointment to understand your needs and advise you on the necessary documents for a student education loan in India. Upload the loan application document with the help of telecallers. After verification, your loan will be approved within 72 hours.

    3. Loan Disbursement


    The student loan would be approved in principle after the necessary due diligence and after student loan eligibility calculation. The student loan for higher education will be disbursed to the institute while you pay flexible EMIs.

    Eligibility Process

    Typically we will check on the following criteria to approve the student loan. To apply for student loan, the applicant should:

    • Be an Indian citizen
    • Be of age 18-35 years
    • Have a good academic record
    • Have secured admission or seeking admission to a recognised University/institution

    Have a plan for repayment:

    When you have a loan in your name or the name of your parents, budgeting will be absolutely necessary. Once you start earning, you must plan how you will repay the loan. You should be prepared to cut costs on unimportant items and focus on repaying the loan as quickly as you can. Loans become burdensome after a while so it’s better to clear it before you feel the toll. Use extra cash or bonuses to make part payments on the loan. You will save on a lot of interest.

    Varthana’s student loan is designed to help students pay for higher education costs such as tuition fees, books, hostel fees, and living plus travel expenses.

    Frequently asked questions of student loan

    You can apply for a student loan by visiting and by filling out an enquiry form or reaching us at 080-68455777

    The whole student loan process may take 2-3 working days.

    The student loan amount for higher education will be repaid to the lender through Easy Monthly Installments (EMIs) over the course of the loan’s term. The loan can be paid back using the Electronic National Automated Clearing House (e-NACH), or Post-Dated Cheques (PDCs).

    The rate of interest is calculated using an array of factors such as loan amount requested, type of student loan, loan tenure chosen, the future cash inflow of the student/co-borrower, loan repayment history, and so on.

    Depending on the course, type of loan, eligibility criteria and creditworthiness, loan repayment history the maximum loan amount for a student loan can be decided and made available.

    The guardian or parent will have to act as co-borrower for the student loan taken by the student and have to provide necessary KYC and income-proof documents to avail the student loan.

    Loan payment tenure depends on the loan amount availed, course duration, EMI amount etc.

    The student loan amount will be repaid to the lender through Easy Monthly Installments (EMIs) over the course of the student education loan’s term. The student loan can be paid back using the Electronic National Automated Clearing House (e-NACH) or Post-Dated Cheques (PDCs).

    Yes, it covers all your education-related expenses ranging from tuition fees, hostel: food and accommodation expenses, classroom requirements like books and uniforms, purchase of laptops and training materials, expenses covered for study tours etc.