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The last couple of years have been extremely difficult for the school ecosystem but kudos to your indomitable spirit, you have prevailed! As we leave behind the two most disrupted school years and look towards rebuilding, we understand that there are many things that draw your attention and that you already have a lot on your plate.

Varthana would be bringing to you a series of live webinars on how to grow your school post pandemic. Through this series, we attempt to share ideas and strategies to complement your school’s growth plan post COVID-19. We will cover everything you need to know about setting up your school's infrastructure and facilities, budgeting and financial planning, increasing student enrollment, minimising learning gaps, implementing strategies for managing all education and learning related problems and so much more.

Why attend Varthana webinars?

After working closely with Schools for over a decade, we understand you and your needs! And we are as passionate about enabling access to education as you are.

Upcoming Webinars

Date Topic Registration link
25/05/2024 Beat the Summer Learning Loss and Prepare Students for the New Academic Year! Register Now

Past Webinars

Date Topic Request video
27/04/2024 Ultimate Guide to Academic Year Planning for Your School Request Recording
09/03/2024 Are Your Students Falling Behind? Parent Engagement Can Make a Difference! Request Recording
24/02/2024 Panel Discussion: Decoding the Why, What, and How of Strategic Leadership in Schools! Request Recording
10/02/2024 Smart Enroll: Simple Strategies To Bring More Kids To Kindergarten Request Recording
27/01/2024 Rethinking Revision and Remediation for Smart Schools - Part 2 Request Recording
20/01/2024 Rethinking Revision and Remediation for Smart Schools - Part 1 Request Recording
13/01/2024 Unveiling Government Initiatives in NEP & Their Impact on Primary Education Request Recording
9/12/2023 How can data analysis help fuel your school's growth? Request Recording
02/12/2023 Mastering School Management: Key Strategies for Success Request Recording
18/11/2023 Why Are Budgeting and Resource Allocation Important for Schools? Request Recording
04/11/2023 Create Tomorrow's Leaders: Holistic Development Strategies Revealed! Request Recording
28/10/2023 The School Growth Blueprint: Marketing Strategies & Branding Request Recording
07/10/2023 Why Is Self-Evaluation Important for School Growth? Request Recording
30/09/2023 How to think beyond traditional assessments in the 21st century? Request Recording
16/09/2023 Unlocking the Power of Technology in 21st Century Learning Request Recording
26/08/2023 How to Build Equitable and Inclusive Schools? Request Recording
12/08/2023 Empowering Teachers through Skill Building with Language Learning Request Recording
29/07/2023 Adapting and Evolving: Essential Skills for 21st Century School Leadership Request Recording
15/07/2023 Mental Health & Well-being for your students Request Recording
17/06/2023 Strategies to Bridge the Learning Gap After Summer Break Request Recording
03/06/2023 Positive Behaviour Management: Creating a Supportive Classroom Culture Request Recording
27/05/2023 How to engage parents throughout the year and build a community? Request Recording
19/05/2023 Early Childhood Education Planning for Teachers & School Leaders Request Recording
13/05/2023 Teaching and learning practices to manage your classroom better Request Recording
29/04/2023 Creating a positive school culture through SMART goal setting Request Recording
18/03/2023 How to grow your school and increase enrolments for next academic year? Request Recording
04/03/2023 Building futuristic schools to prepare students for the jobs of tomorrow Request Recording
18/02/2023 Transforming Schools with a Strong Vision, Mission & Culture Request Recording
04/02/2023 What is Strategic Leadership and why is it the Recipe for Success? Request Recording
21/01/2023 Best revision strategies for your students Request Recording
17/12/2022 How to make English interesting for students? Request Recording
10/12/2022 Why should Schools Self evaluate? Request Recording
26/11/2022 How to improve teaching effectiveness in schools? Request Recording
12/11/2022 How can technology and data analysis help fuel your school's growth? Request Recording
29/10/2022 Upgrade your skills to become a rockstar teacher Request Recording
15/10/2022 Attracting, Motivating & Retaining Teachers Request Recording
24/09/2022 Understanding NEP and its implications Request Recording
10/09/2022 How can schools engage with parents better? Request Recording
3/09/2022 Student behaviour management post pandemic - Part 2 Request Recording
27/08/2022 Student behaviour management post pandemic - how to get students back to schools and schedule? Request Recording
20/08/2022 Understanding learning loss and strategies to manage classrooms in a post COVID world Request Recording
13/08/2022 Gearing your school for growth post Covid Request Recording
23/07/2022 Bringing students back to school Request Recording