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Students who stay mentally sharp in their college years usually adopt these 10 daily habits

Introduction: Juggling deadlines, exams, and social life – college can be a mental marathon for Indian students! But what separates those who thrive from those who just survive? Research shows that mentally sharp students often share a secret weapon: a daily habit that keeps their brains firing on all cylinders. This blog explores ten science-backed[...]
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10 Habits That Hold Back Your Potential

Introduction: India boasts a vibrant young population with immense potential. However, a recent report found that over 51% of students felt overwhelmed and stressed by academic pressures resulting in mental health, anxiety, social withdrawal, and dysphoria. This begs the question: are hidden habits hindering our students’ ability to thrive? The answer is yes. This blog[...]
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Effective Communication in the Workplace: Enhancing Collaboration and Productivity

Effective Communication in the Workplace - Varthana
Are you thinking of how effective communication can be a part of enhancing collaboration and productivity? But what exactly constitutes effective communication in the workplace, and how can it enhance collaboration and boost productivity? To understand better let us go through this article which will talk about the various forms of communication, their impact on[...]
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