What Next? Online Courses After 10th in 2024

What Next? Online Courses After 10th in 2024

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What next after 10th

Completing the 10th exam marks a crucial milestone in a student’s life, as it signifies the beginning of their journey towards building a successful career. After the 10th, students have the opportunity to focus on developing skills that align with their goals and interests in further studies. By utilizing their available holidays efficiently, they can bring about a significant transformation. Additionally, they can choose to opt for extra courses alongside their future education to enhance their knowledge and strengthen their college resumes.

Unfortunately, children residing in rural or remote areas of India may not have equal access to offline courses. The unequal distribution of opportunities and unfavorable financial and social conditions often hinder the educational progress of many students in India. In such circumstances, online courses play a vital role in bridging this gap, making education more accessible to a larger number of students across the country. Moreover, job-oriented online courses after the 10th provide students with the opportunity to secure full or part-time employment, enabling them to continue their education. Here is a comprehensive list of online courses that students can pursue after completing their 10th.

Social Media Marketing

This is the era of social media. Many students use social media for fun and other purposes, but what if they can make money out of it? Yes, they can earn by doing social media marketing. It is all about creating quality content to promote companies and their products on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Students can opt for a beginner’s course after completing their 10th.

The beginner’s course will provide students with an understanding of the fundamentals of digital marketing, marketing strategy, Facebook and Instagram marketing, business strategy, and Internet marketing. Students who are digitally savvy and have good verbal and written communication skills will truly enjoy this type of course, and they can also explore career opportunities in this sector. After completing the course, freshers can earn a salary of 1.8-2.8 LPA, which can increase up to 3.5-6.6 LPA after 5-8 years of experience.

Diploma Courses in the Computer Field

Are you interested in computer engineering courses and want to start gaining knowledge right after completing the 10th grade? There are online diploma courses available in the computer field. These courses include Basic Computer Courses (BCC), Courses on Computer Courses (CCC), and ITI (Information Technology). Students can gain basic knowledge of computer science, mathematics, computer techniques, and engineering concepts through these courses.

The fee for an online computer science diploma can range from 10,000 to 200,000, depending on the university. Students need to have at least 45% in their 10th exams to be eligible for these online diploma courses. Organizations like the Indian Institute of Skill Development Training, Lovely Professional University, and Amity offer online computer field diplomas. After completing the online diploma course, students can earn an initial salary of up to 3.4-5.6 LPA.

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Foreign Languages

Nowadays, students seem more interested in learning foreign languages. There are many reasons why students show interest, such as becoming smarter, gaining professional and career advantages, planning for higher education in a foreign country, or enhancing social skills. Language proficiency has become a common requirement for many jobs. If you love learning new things and constantly seek knowledge, learning a new language is excellent brain training.

Foreign language courses provide a comprehensive understanding of the language’s history, vocabulary, spelling, grammar, accent, and methodology. Platforms like Duolingo, Udemy, Coursera, Babbel, and Fluent offer a wide range of short and long-term language courses. Such courses benefit students in diverse ways, making them more employable, allowing them to explore other cultures, providing international exposure, and offering a global perspective. Freshers can earn salaries ranging from 3-5 LPA depending on the language.

Online Photography Course

Photographs play a crucial role in conveying stories, whether personal or business-related. Students can pursue photography courses online as well, as there are various options available, such as wedding photography, portrait photography, fine art photography, product photography, and photojournalism courses. The average salary of a new photographer starts at 300,000 per annum. Certification durations may vary from a few hours to a few weeks. Most online photography courses are offered by national and international photography organizations. Some camera brands like Nikon and Canon also provide free photography courses.

After completing the course, students can find opportunities to work in both the private and government sectors. In the government sector, they can work as forensic photographers, as well as pursue other job roles like freelance photography, wildlife photography, fashion photography, and more. Online photography courses are available on platforms like Alison, Google, Udemy, and Coursera. Initially, students can earn up to 3-9 LPA, depending on the type of photography they specialize in and their experience.

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Diploma in Tourism

This online diploma is designed for students who love to travel and explore new worlds. They can combine specific skills with their passion and turn it into a profession or make it easier to follow their passion. The online diploma has a duration of one year, which can be completed within three years. The course covers the development, management, and marketing aspects of tourism.

Students can pursue careers in tourism, working as tour operators, travel consultants/agents, travel executives, and management trainees. The fees for the online tourism diploma vary from INR 4500 to INR 32,000. Universities like IGNOU offer online diplomas, and upon completion, students can earn salaries ranging from 9-12 LPA.

Diploma in Fashion Design

Students interested in fashion can opt for this course, which is also available online through platforms like Udemy, the International Institute of Fashion Design (Pune), Upskillist, and Coursera. The online diploma is also offered by LPU. After completing the course, students can pursue job roles such as fashion stylist, sketching assistant, fashion coordinator, fashion assistant, and fashion journalist. The fees for diploma courses range from INR 15,000 to 46,000. Students can follow their passion by acquiring the necessary skills. The starting salary in the fashion design field is 3.9 LPA, but it can go beyond 10-12 LPA after 7-8 years of experience.

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Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education

Students who are looking for a career in fitness and nutrition can start with an online certificate and diploma course. Universities like Stanford, Emory, and Atlanta offer nutrition courses via Coursera. The National Fitness and Nutrition Academy also offers online certification courses. Universities like Symbiosis School for Online and Digital Learning and Indira Gandhi National Open University offer an online diploma in nutrition and health education. This course is designed to develop an understanding of nutrition and health-related aspects. After completing the course, students can work as dieticians or food technologists dieticians with a starting salary package of 5-7 LPA.

How to choose online courses after the 10th?

  1. Before choosing online courses, students should reflect on the purpose of the course, whether they want to use it personally or professionally, and whether the course will benefit them in their chosen path.
  2. Students should consider their passions, strengths, weaknesses, and talents.
  3. They should also check if the specific course is affordable for them and explore alternative options accordingly.

Completing the 10th grade is a crucial and important step in a student’s career. Students should reflect on their interests and career choices to choose the most suitable course. They should be focused, specific, and thoughtful when selecting online courses, ensuring that they align with their personal and professional goals. Online courses after the 10th grade will not only help students lay the foundation for their careers but also contribute to their personal growth.


Considering an online course post-10th grade in India proves to be a strategic and adaptable choice for individuals in their academic and career journey. These courses present specialized learning opportunities, enabling students to explore specific subjects in depth or acquire practical skills in alignment with their career aspirations. The flexibility inherent in online learning caters to individual schedules, providing a convenient means to balance studies with other commitments. Additionally, the digital format often incorporates interactive elements, fostering a dynamic and engaging learning experience. Choosing an online course after the 10th grade allows students to customize their education to suit their unique needs, expanding their knowledge base and preparing them effectively for future academic and professional pursuits.


1. Which course after the 10th has the highest salary?

There isn’t a single course that guarantees the highest salary. It depends on your chosen field, experience, skills, and job role. However, fields like medicine, engineering, information technology, and business management generally have high earning potential.

2. Which course is best after the 10th grade for online learning?

After completing the grade, online courses are available based on your interests. Some options to consider include:
Digital Marketing: Focuses on social media marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO) and content marketing.
Web Development: Provides skills for creating websites and applications.
Graphic Design: Involves designing content for marketing purposes, branding, and more.
Data Science/Analytics: Focuses on analysing data to derive business insights.
Creative Writing/Content Writing: Enhances your writing abilities when creating content.

3. Which online course is more promising for the future?

Areas that blend technology with fields are expected to have opportunities. Here are a few choices:
Artificial Intelligence (AI): Explore machine learning and its practical uses.
Cybersecurity: Acquire skills to safeguard computer systems from cyber threats.
Cloud Computing: Comprehend how data is stored and retrieved on the web.
Data Science: Interpret datasets to address challenges.
Digital Marketing: Stay informed about developments in internet advertising.

4. Which online course is the most effective for making money online?

Forget one-size-fits-all! Making money online depends on your effort. Here’s how online courses can help:
Freelance: Courses can sharpen your skills (writing, design, etc.) for freelance platforms.
Content Creation: Learn to build an audience and earn through ads or sponsorships (blogs, vlogs).
Affiliate Marketing: Courses can teach you to promote products and earn commissions.
Social Media Marketing: Manage business social media with online course guidance.

5. Which career path should you choose after completing your 10th grade?

The ideal field depends on your passions and talents. Here are some options to think about:
Science: You can pursue a career in medicine, engineering, research or other science-related areas.
Commerce: Explore opportunities in accounting, finance, business management or marketing.
Arts & Humanities: Enhance your writing, design, law or social sciences skills.
Vocational Courses: Acquire hospitality, paramedical sectors, or IT skills through a diploma program.
Keep in mind that selecting the path requires research and introspection. Seek advice from career advisors, utilise tools for guidance and assess your interests and strengths before finalising your decision.

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