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“We wanted to do something for the community, where most people work as tailors and seamstresses in garment factories.”

This English-medium school has one goal: to be the number one school in their taluk. This is not a recent dream. It goes back to the early nineteen-eighties when the school’s leaders gathered their earnings from the provisions store and xerox shop that they owned and decided to start a school.

In the surrounding villages, most of the people work in the garment factories that populate the area. It is for the children that this husband-and-wife team resolved to build the best school they could. “We wanted to do something for the community”, shared the school owners.

The school was founded as a two-room educational institution with 33 students, whose parents are tailors, seamstresses and embroidery workers. They earn a minimal salary and affording an education is a struggle. The school proved to be a place where parents were eager to send their children; grateful for the opportunity to offer the next generation an good quality of education in English.

Five years down the line and the duo were soon faced with a problem. The rented premises the school was held on was due to be sold by its landlord. After struggling for funds, they were finally able to purchase the property where the expanded new-and-improved school now educates 350 students.

Partnership with Varthana

The loan from Varthana has enabled the school leaders to purchase a parcel of land next to the school which is used for activities, events and play time. For the many children who live far from the school, they purchased a van and a bus to transport the children and also expanded their academic services. Having opened a computer lab, the students from standards 1-10 are able to receive basic computer education.

One by one, these dedicated school leaders are achieving their dream of serving people in their community by providing education at a very low tuition fee.

This expanded school has now been handed over to the school leaders’ daughter. A vibrant and energetic young woman, her vision for the school and its students is to continue its goal of strengthening the community by equipping its next generation with a high quality of education to shape their future.

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