How to get a loan for school construction ?

As India makes significant progress in ensuring access to education and enrolment in schools, the affordable private schools across the.
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5 Financial Consequences Of Defaulting On Your Loan. What Happens When You Default?

You take a loan when you need it the most, but do not ever forget that when you borrow money.
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How do school finance companies work in India?

India has a large base of affordable private schools, which presents a huge opportunity for children from low-income families to.
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Dear teachers, here’s how you make students future-ready

How can schools and educational institutions help students prepare for one of the most crucial and defining stages of their.
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Varthana Smart Fee Program

Low-budget schools operate with little financial cushioning, relying almost entirely on the tuition fees they charge to run their operations..
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Traditional learning with low fees

When making the decision to go back to school this year, one of the biggest choices prospective children from lower-middle-class.
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Varthana and Rotary India Launch ‘Unlock School Program’

Karnataka: Varthana and Rotary India Literacy Mission have launched the “Unlock School” program, an initiative to help children have access.
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India’s Lost Generation and possible fourth wave

Could the current crisis reverse decades of progress for children? Three waves and two years of unprecedented disruptions of school.
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Learning Loss: 6 strategies to address it

In the last two years, we’ve heard quite a lot about “learning loss,” “learning gap” and “learning recovery” without really.
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How Zeal School is improving English proficiency in rural students

Vikrant Walhekar, Zeal School, Paud, Pune Traditionally, school owners and teachers have relied on conventional programs to combat summer loss.
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Financial burden on Low-cost Private Schools is real. How to overcome it?

Roughly four years ago, Sukhbir Gir took a huge leap of faith. He started running K-Star Academy, a budget private.
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Schools should be the absolute last thing to close

Why aren’t schools open like malls, restaurants and everything else? Nearly two years later, schools are still closed for millions.
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Unlock School Program 2.0

What should education look like post pandemic? As the country begins to open classrooms, what should learning look like post.
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Varthana signs MoU with Eupheus Learning, to make school financing and 21st-century education solutions more accessible

As part of the MoU more than 20,000 schools served by Eupheus Learning can have easy access to Varthana’s finance.
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From medical profession to teaching for a cause

Instead of compulsory service, an incentive-based approach instills a deep sense of purpose and pride in every volunteer.
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Investing in Budget Private Schools

This essay analyzes the potential funding models available to BPS. It finds that the bottom-up approach is the only way.
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Treat for India

Instead of compulsory service, an incentive-based approach instills a deep sense of purpose and pride in every volunteer.
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Child Rights Awareness

What are some of your rights? How would you respond if these were violated?
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Empowering the Teacher

Most teachers have the same hunger to grow and develop as the students they teach.
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School Leaders’ Conference

“Teaching is the best way to learn. In teaching, we become lifelong learners.”
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