15 Skill Development Courses To Boost Your Employability After 12th

15 Skill Development Courses To Boost Your Employability After 12th

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Skill Development Courses

Skill development is a critical aspect of life, involving the development of specific skill sets according to one’s goals. These skills help us grow in our personal and professional lives, which is especially important for employment and professional growth, especially after completing 12th grade.

As we live in the fourth industrial age, employability skills are essential for obtaining employment, connecting with coworkers, performing better, and making responsible choices in the workplace. In this digital world, there are numerous courses available to enhance an individual’s capabilities. Here is a list of courses that students can consider after completing 12th grade:

1. Data science courses

Data science is the study in which data is evaluated using specific parameters, and decisions are made based on the outcome and pattern of the analysis. Several data science courses can be completed after 12th grade, such as a Diploma in Data Science, which requires a minimum of 50% marks in any stream. Data science professional certificate courses are also available on platforms such as Coursera, Upgrad, and Udemy.

2. Advance Excel

The Advanced Excel course is useful for obtaining jobs such as data analysis or starting a career in analytics. There are no eligibility criteria for this course, and both online and offline options are available. The course offers high-level proficiency in Excel spreadsheets, including pivot tables, lookup tables, pivot charts, and data validation. Numerous advanced Excel courses are available, depending on the skill set required by students.

3. Diploma in hotel management

Hotel management is an excellent choice for someone seeking a short-term course after 12th grade. This diploma provides a basic understanding of the hotel management world and an opportunity for an internship in top hotels. The course lasts for one year and requires a minimum of 50% in 12th grade.

4. Diploma in ITI technical courses

ITI courses provide students with abilities and expertise in various technical fields. These courses last for one or two years and are divided into technical and non-technical courses. Technical courses include radiology technician, computer hardware and networking, dental laboratory equipment technician, while non-technical courses include library and information science, plastic processing operator, insurance, and many more. ITI offers a wide variety of technical and non-technical courses.

5. Graphic designing courses

Graphic designing courses are an excellent choice for creative and artistic students who want to visualize their imagination in the world. It is suitable for candidates from all streams, and the eligibility criteria are a minimum of 50% in 12th grade. The duration of the diploma course varies from six months to two years.

6. CMA (Cost management accounting)

This course can be done at three levels: foundation, intermediate, and final. For the foundation level, the eligibility criteria are 12th grade or equivalent. This opens up various career opportunities in taxation, finance, accounts, and many more. Students can get good jobs even after passing the fundamental level.

7. Diploma in information technology

The IT Diploma prepares students with skills in database handling, record keeping, and basic computer applications, which increase their employability. This diploma provides both software and hardware skills that are essential in the workforce. Although there is no single entrance exam, some colleges may conduct their own individual entrance exams.

8. Digital marketing

In recent years, digital marketing has gained a solid position in the marketing domain. It is not constrained by any stream and is available at degree, diploma, and certificate levels. Students pursuing a digital marketing course after 12th can expect a salary package ranging from 2.45 to 5.34 LPA.

9. Diploma in architecture assistantship/architecture engineering

Architecture courses provide students with knowledge of how to develop civil structures such as complexes, malls, airport terminals, and commercial buildings. This course also provides students with internship opportunities that help them gain practical experience and strengthen their job prospects.

10. Cosmetology courses

Cosmetology courses are available at certificate, diploma, UG, and PG levels. Students can pursue diploma courses part-time, with a duration of 6 to 18 months. These courses include beauty therapy, nail art, makeup, and other related subjects.

11. Dental assistant

Dental assistants not only assist dental operators by passing instruments but also help patients with oral hygiene skills, sterilize instruments, prepare patients for treatment, assist during anesthetic and suction procedures, and schedule appointments. This role is ever-changing and ever-expanding. Eligibility for this course is a 12th pass, with a duration of 6 months to 2 years. The average salary for this course ranges from 2-12 lakhs per annum.

12. Diploma in radiology

Radiology courses provide students with a deeper understanding of medical imaging, medical biochemistry, radiographic techniques, and radiation physics. Science in 12th is a requirement for this course. The duration of the diploma program is about two years and six months, and the average salary range can be between 15,000-18,000 per month.

13. Diploma in mining and mine surveyor

A Mine surveyor uses all the tools, technologies, and methods to record mine details. It is a 3-year full-time diploma course that incorporates subjects like English, Arithmetic, Hardware, Mining, and Science. Candidates should have good knowledge of mathematics for this course.

14. Diploma in textile engineering

This course is of 1 or 2 years, depending on the university. Students learn about various aspects of yarns and thread designing. Colleges conduct entrance exams and personal interviews for textile designing courses, and a minimum of 55% marks in the HSC exam is required. After the diploma, students can work as assistant designers or textile decorators.

 15. Diploma in mass media and film studies

This diploma is a mass communication course that focuses on topics and practices related to filmmaking. The skills gained in this course can be applied to careers in film and television, web media, advertising, visual arts, and journalism. It requires a 12th std pass, and students enrolled in graduate degree courses may also apply.

Finding the best career after 12th can be challenging, but students should be mindful and focused on their passions or interests. A wide range of diploma courses is available after 12th, and students should choose them wisely, according to their earning requirements and available time. If you’re unsure what Skill Development Courses to pursue after 12th and which loan can serve the purpose, Enquire now


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