How to get a instant loan for higher education?

How to get a student instant loan for higher education?

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instant loan for higher education

The importance of higher education can’t be stressed enough. Studying in India provides students with unique learning opportunities, one of which is to get into a top Indian institute. India has one of the largest education systems in the world with around 25 crore students enrolled in school education and around 4 crore students enrolled in higher education.

India has 42,000 colleges and 1,043 universities. Apart from this, annually, 80.2 lakh undergraduate and postgraduate degrees are offered in India and around 39,000 others opt for Ph.D. 

Higher education in India starts after the completion of plus two. Then, depending on the courses you decide to pursue, your degree could take up to three to five years. Following graduation, students can pursue postgraduate studies, which can last two to three years depending on the program that they opt for.

Benefits of higher education

Personal development

One of the most important benefits of higher education is the opportunity to study at top universities and colleges of your choice and access to an equally talented peer group. You’ll receive top-quality education experience, technical skills, language skills, industrial visits, and practical projects to supplement classroom training. 

You will graduate with new and enhanced critical thinking, analytics, written and spoken communication, and group problem-solving skills in addition to the degree. Consider this: if you study and grow, the Indian economy grows with you. 

Personal benefits

Continuing education through undergraduate/graduate studies after finishing high school definitely increases the chances of a higher salary and employment, a chance of pursuing further knowledge in a particular area, and adequate preparation for a career.

Higher salaries and employability

People with college degrees have more potential for higher incomes and employment rates. 

Career specialization and preparation

The point of higher education is to narrow down the student’s interests, perfect the existing skills and prepare the students for the job that awaits them upon the completion of their studies. This approach allows for a certain time to gain better insight into the suitable areas, those in which they can realize their full potential. 

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The cost of education has risen dramatically in recent years. The best option is to avail an instant loan for students to obtain a professional degree. They are most useful when it comes to covering expensive courses at prestigious universities. Parents can’t always afford to send their children to college but students can take out higher education loans and pay for their own education.

Banks, non-banking financial companies (NBFCs), or financial institutions help you and other young Indian students like you get access to quality higher education by providing instant loan for students.

One such NBFC, Varthana, is offering loans for higher education and helping those students who have a hard time securing education loan from other institutions due to them being from the low income bracket and not having a CIBIL score or their parents not having access to digital banking or monthly income proof. 

Instant loan for students covers the most crucial aspects of your education. They are truly a boon to the developing world of opportunities today. They not only help you fulfill any shortfalls that occur in funding your education, but also give you an alternative to using your parents’ savings to pay for college fees. 

Generally, you do not need to work during your education to repay the loan. You might instead concentrate on your academics. If you are still thinking about how to get an education loan after 12th, read all about Education Loan in India here.

Loan for Higher Education

You can quickly meet your obligations for tuition fees, test fees, housing or accommodation costs, travel expenses, and other pre-admission charges with an instant loan for students. The lending regulations of the institution, as well as the associated job-related results, determine the eligibility conditions for loan for higher education. 

Lenders will lend money to students to study any course as long as the institution is approved or has a good reputation.

The domestic instant loan for students would be available to students with a solid academic record and, most significantly, Indian nationals. Those who have been accepted to graduate or post-graduate career-oriented courses such as medicine, engineering, or management are also considered.

Expenses covered

  • Tuition fees are paid to the college/school/university.
  • Charges for hostels and mess
  • Fees for examinations, libraries, and laboratories
  • The student borrower’s insurance premium
  • Deposit of caution, Building fund/refundable deposit backed up by institutional bills/receipts
  • Purchasing of books, equipment, instruments, and uniforms
  • Purchase of a computer/laptop at a reasonable cost, if required for course completion
  • Travel expenses
  • The acceptance fee for admission
  • Any other expenses incurred to complete the course, such as study tours, project work, thesis, and so on.

How to apply for an instant loan for students

Aspirants can apply for education loans either online or in-person at a branch. The online process is very easy. Follow the steps to apply today:

  1. Visit the chosen financial company’s website and fill out the application form
  2. Enter your personal information and property details
  3. Fill out your/co-borrower’s income details to access a personalised offer
  4. After you submit your information, an authorised person will contact you to provide you with additional loan processing instructions.

Courses Covered

Many loan providers, including banks and non-banking financial institutions, offer instant loans for students seeking specialisation and entry into the corporate sector. Working professionals can also use an education loan to improve their skills and advance in their careers.

Numerous universities offer degrees and diplomas in a variety of courses and specialisations. Some of the courses covered are as follows:

Studies in India

  • Graduation, post-graduation, and regular technical and professional degree/diploma courses are offered by colleges and institutions that have been accredited by the UGC/AICTE/IMC/Government, among others.
  • Self-directed institutes like IIT, IIM, and others offer regular degree/diploma programs.
  • The Central or State Government must authorise teacher training/nursing courses.
  • Aeronautical, pilot training, shipping, and other regular degrees/diploma courses approved by the Director General of Civil Aviation/Shipping/concerned regulatory authority

Choosing the best higher education loan is one of the most important decisions you will make for the growth of your professional career. You shouldn’t have to compromise your dreams due to a shortage of funds. If you require more information, you can read this article about the benefits of a student education loan in India for students and parents.


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