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Choosing a right career is very important for students as well as parents. As it sets out a direction for life. Few students are clear on what they want to pursue further and most of the students are confused on what to choose from the list of courses available.

Some make right life changing decisions that help them flourish in their career and some don’t due to lack of knowledge and later bear the consequences of the choices they have made.

So how do you make informed choices on your career after 10th?

Should you opt for an evergreen PUC/+1/+2/11th/12th with science/commerce/arts stream?

Should you go for polytechnic diploma courses in engineering/technical fields? or

Should you choose a non-conventional ITI/skill training/vocational course?

Before we dwell into the career options we should know the mistakes we should avoid for making informed choices:

  1. Not doing enough research

The research should not only include courses and colleges but also about yourself.

What do I like? What interests me? Can I make a full-time career out of it?

The one which will create long-lasting impact should be considered

  1. Following friends/peers

The most common mistake is following the crowd.  I will do what my friend does. I will do the course that my cousin does. You should avoid making these choices. Instead you should opt the subjects which you are passionate about. 

  1. Budging to parental pressure

Often we look at parents to properly guide us in our first important decision of our career.

But how do you know the parents’ choice is the right one for you. Have you analysed your skills, abilities and interests to put your opinions to your parents. Does your parent know your strengths and weaknesses? It is very important that you put your point of view to parents and make a well-versed decision and not just stick to what parents say.

Best career options after 10th

  1. PUC/1+/2+/11th or 12th
  • Science Stream

The most favourable and popular choice is the science stream. It offers booming career options of Engineering, Medical and IT domains. The best part of science is that we can switch from science to commerce/arts but not the vice versa. If you think science and technology excites you should opt for science stream. Below are the subjects you can choose from:

Primary Science Subjects – Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics

Optional Subjects – Biology, Biotechnology, Agriculture, Food Science, Sports, Exercise and Health Science, Statistics, Computer Science, Marine Science, Engineering Graphics, Informatics Practice, Electricity and Electronics, Engineering Science, Environmental Science, Geometrical and Building Drawing, Geometrical and Mechanical Drawing, Design Technology, Environmental Management, Home Science and Economics

  • Commerce Stream

If you love numbers, finance, economics then commerce is the best option for you. The second most popular choice for students and parents. It offers a wide range of career options like MBA, MCom, Chartered Accountant, Banking and Finance etc. Below are the subjects you choose from:

Mandatory Subjects – Accountancy, Business Studies and Economics.

Optional Subjects – Mathematics, Statistics,Computer Science Informatics Practice, Entrepreneurship, Information Technology, Information & Communication Technology, Fashion Studies/ Fashion Design, Media Studies, Travel & Tourism and Arts.

  • Arts/Humanities Stream

If you are interested in Journalism, Literature, Social work, History, Psychology, Education field, Design Arts, Performing Arts, Language Arts then this is the best stream to choose. It encourages creativity, critical thinking, and self-expression. 

Subjects to choose from:

Indian and foreign Languages like Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Assamese, Urdu, Sanskrit, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Latin, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Persian, Arabic, Portuguese, etc.

Arts and humanities subjects like Psychology, Economics, Geography, Sociology, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Indian and Global Politics, Social and Cultural Anthropology, Home Science, etc.

Fine art and performing art subjects like Fine Art, Visual Art, Dance, Music, Film, Theatre, Carnatic Music, Hindustani Music, Western Music, etc.

Subject on religion like – Hinduism, Divinity, Islamic Study, etc.

  1. Polytechnic Diploma Courses

If you think you can straight away fit into the technical courses. You can opt for 03 year polytechnic diploma courses like Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Electronics, Chemical, Computer Science, Information Technology and Automobile. After completion the students can join the bachelors program in engineering/technology.

  1. ITI Certificate

The Industrial Training Institute (ITI) provides 06 months to 2 years of certification courses in technical streams of mechanical, electrical, information technology, civil, electronics and automobile etc. These are job-oriented courses and make the students industry ready.

  1. Vocational Training/Skill Training Courses/Short-term Courses

You can choose short-term courses in industry ready training courses like Computer Applications, Digital Marketing, Graphic and Animation, Web Designing, Programming Languages, Beautician, Therapist etc.

Choosing the right career is always going to be a tough task for both students and parents. It is always good to understand one’s strengths and weaknesses, interests and likes. Proper guidance from career counsellors and seniors might help you in decision making.


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