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6 strategies to increase admissions in 2022

COVID-19  impacted the global education system and led to shut down of educational institutions for a prolonged period. 320 million learners were affected by the pandemic in India. School closure has an adverse impact on learning level, widening gap in learning level as well as increase in drop out rate (ASER report). To understand why it’s important for low fee private schools to formulate effective strategies to increase admission, let’s look at some research data

According to well known Social welfare centre ASER (Annual Status of Education Report) 2021 findings:

  • There has been an overall increase in the proportion of children enrolled in govt schools between 2018 and 2020 i.e from 64.3% to 65.8%. However, in the year 2021, the enrollment suddenly went up to 70.3%.
  • The enrollment rate in private schools has however gone down from the last few years. In 2020, the enrollment rate was 28.8% and in 2021 the enrollment rate went down to 24.4%.

There is evident shift of students from private to government schools due to income disruption, difficulty in accessing quality education, unclear fee dues, safety concerns, reverse migration etc. during the pandemic.

As schools are going back to normal, gaining admissions is still a matter of concern for many schools.

How to Increase Admissions in Your School

In today’s competitive educational landscape, attracting students to your school requires a well-rounded strategy. Here in India, parents prioritise quality education and a nurturing environment for their children. To stand out, your school can focus on several key areas:

  • Academic Excellence: 
    • Qualified teachers with a strong student-to-teacher ratio.
    • Engaging and relevant curriculum.
    • Focus on holistic development beyond academics.
    • Showcase positive academic results and student success stories.
  • Digital Marketing Power: 
    • User-friendly website with clear admissions information.
    • Active social media presence showcasing updates and school life.
    • Targeted online advertising to reach local parents searching for schools.
  • Traditional Outreach Matters: 
    • Partner with local media for open house or information session advertisements.
    • Organise school events that showcase facilities and teaching methods.
    • Build relationships with the community through sponsorships or volunteering.
  • Accessibility and Communication: 
    • Offer scholarships or sibling discounts to attract a wider range of families.
    • Streamline the application process for a smooth experience.
    • Provide clear communication throughout the admissions journey.

By implementing these strategies and constantly striving for excellence, your school can attract more students and build a thriving educational community.

Top 6 Admission Strategies in School

1. Conduct Customise Market Research

Understanding the needs of the target audience will help schools improve admission rates by serving their needs in the best possible way. Market research provides clarity related to goal areas, competitor landscape and marketing strategies.

For conducting a market research, start with identifying and defining research objectives, followed by framing research tools, selecting methods of data collection, gathering data, analysing and working on insight to serve the target audience in the best possible ways


2. Marketing & Advertisement

It’s important to do brand building through showcasing the unique selling point of schools effectively like showcasing infrastructure, innovative study, facilities offered by the school, value offerings by school and how it’s different from competitors in the market.

Focus on communicating school value using 4Ps of marketing mix to serve the needs of the target audience. Effective marketing and promotion leads to lead generations for admission. It can be done through advertising through various mediums like digital, print or in person.

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3. Speed Up Response Time

It’s crucial to act on lead generated to convert it into admission. An enquirer for admission should be reached out soon by the admin to close the admission, delay will dilute the interest of prospects. Effective followup is necessary to convert maximum leads into admissions.

4. Customised Fee Structure and Financial Aids

Schools should know the paying capacity of the target audience, competitor’s fee structure, and the facilities provided by them and what school can offer different or valuable in the same fee range.

The paying capacity of parents has altered post pandemic and schools can consider some fee waivers case to case to retain admission. Schools can offer flexible fee structure and collaborate with third parties to provide financial aid/assistance.

5. Parent & Community Engagement

Parental involvement has a positive impact on holistic growth of children. Research shows that parent engagement in schools is closely linked to better student behaviour, higher academic achievement, and enhanced social skills.

Parents are the decision makers, engaging them effectively can lead to long term retention and publicity through word of mouth. This can be done through effective workshops with parents and community on parenting, guiding, child mental health, physical health, nutrition, extra curricular activities etc.

6. Focus on Curbing Learning Loss

Prolonged school shutdown caused learning loss. The common mode of delivery was online and whatsapp during closure which was not proven effective and there is clear learning loss. It’s important to address the learning loss to help students cope up in current grade.

This can be done through remedial workbooks, extra classes, foundational skills etc. Students’ performance showcases the quality of education provided in school leading to brand building


All the above strategies are directly or indirectly linked to admission lead generation. A proactive pipeline management and follow up will lead to better results. The key to achieve success is proactively reaching out and showcasing value to the target audience through various ways.


1. How can we improve the admission process?

A smooth and efficient admission process creates a positive first impression for parents. Here are some ways to streamline it:

  • Streamline Online Options:  Consider an online application portal for easy access and efficient document submission.
  • Clear Communication: Provide a clear step-by-step guide for the admission process and timelines on the school website.
  • Multiple Entry Points: Offer admissions throughout the year for different grades (subject to availability).
  • Parent Support:  Dedicate a team to address parent queries promptly and offer personalised support during the process.

2. How do you attract parents for admission?

Parents are looking for a school that offers a nurturing environment and prepares their children for the future. Here’s how to showcase your strengths:

  • Showcase Achievements: Highlight the school’s academic excellence, extracurricular activities, and awards on your website and brochures.
  • Organise Open Houses: Host informative sessions where parents can meet faculty, see facilities, and learn about the school’s philosophy.
  • Testimonials: Share success stories of alumni and positive feedback from current parents on your website and promotional materials.
  • Community Engagement:  Organise events, workshops, or volunteering opportunities to connect with parents and showcase the school environment.

3. How to improve school strength?

A strong school attracts students by offering a well-rounded educational experience. Here’s how to focus on continuous improvement:

  • Focus on Academics:  Invest in qualified teachers, a strong curriculum, and resources that ensure well-rounded learning.
  • Extracurricular Activities: Offer a variety of extracurricular activities like sports, music, arts, and debate to cater to diverse student interests.
  • Infrastructure Development: Maintain and upgrade facilities like classrooms, libraries, labs, and playgrounds for a better learning experience.
  • Teacher Training: Conduct regular training programs for teachers to keep them updated on the latest teaching methodologies.

4. How do you attract students for admission to school?

Students are looking for a school that challenges them and helps them discover their talents. Here are some ways to grab their attention:

  • Scholarship Opportunities:  Offer scholarships and financial aid programs to attract talented students from diverse backgrounds.
  • Student Achievements:  Highlight student success stories in academics, sports, or extracurricular activities to showcase the school’s potential.
  • Social Media Outreach:  Utilise social media platforms to share school events, student achievements, and positive aspects of school life.
  • Peer Recommendations:  Encourage current students to spread the word about the school’s positive environment and learning opportunities.

5. How do you convince a student for admission?

The final decision often rests with the student. Here’s how to make a compelling case for your school:

  • Personalised Attention:  During interactions, highlight programs or achievements that align with the student’s interests and goals.
  • Campus Tours: Offer personalised campus tours where students can experience the school environment and facilities firsthand.
  • Faculty Interaction:  Facilitate interaction with relevant teachers or mentors who can answer the student’s specific questions.
  • Student Success Stories:  Share success stories of alumni who pursued similar interests or overcame challenges to inspire the student.

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