How to Get a Diploma in Air Hostess & Start Working with Reputed Airlines?

How to Get a Diploma in Air Hostess & Start Working with Reputed Airlines?

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How to Get a Diploma in Air Hostess

Embarking on a journey in the direction of turning into an air hostess can be a thrilling and fulfilling endeavor. The attraction of hovering through the skies, assembling various people, and turning in amazing providers makes it a dream for lots. 

The 2023 report from the International Airport Association (IATA) indicates that the Indian aviation sector ranks as the world’s third-largest industry. This growth has heightened the need for air hostess training institutes or cabin crew professionals. Therefore, if you are contemplating a career in aviation as a cabin crew professional, explore the precise steps and abundant opportunities in this field, as it offers expanded prospects and ample scope for growth.

In this blog, we’re going to guide you on obtaining a diploma in an air hostess training institute, paving the way for a profitable profession with reputed airlines.

Overview of Air Hostess Courses

An air hostess course provides essential skills and knowledge for excelling in the aviation industry. The curriculum encompasses in-flight services, safety procedures, customer service, and communication skills—critical elements for a successful air hostess career. Aspiring individuals can naturally explore these courses at air hostess training institutes. If you’re interested, consider checking air hostess training institute fees to plan your educational journey in a straightforward and budget-friendly manner.

Reasons for Pursuing an Air Hostess Course (Diploma)

Individuals pick to pursue air hostess courses for diverse reasons. The opportunity to journey, have interaction with specific people and provide enchantment. Moreover, the high demand for professional air hostesses in the flourishing aviation region makes it a profitable and pleasing career preference.

Can a Diploma Secure You a Position with Top Airlines?

A diploma in air hostess schooling substantially complements your employability with Main Airways. Airlines prioritize candidates with specialized training, making sure they are nicely versed in enterprise-particular requirements, protection protocols, and customer service requirements.

Eligibility Criteria for Air Hostess Training Institutes

To enroll in an air hostess training institute, a twelfth-grade completion is generally required. Most institutes set an age criterion, generally among 17 to 26 years. Attributes like physical fitness and a nice personality are frequently considered vital for aspiring air hostesses.

Admission Process for Air Hostess Training in India

Admission processes vary amongst institutes but typically involve submitting software accompanied using a selection procedure, including written exams, institution discussions, and personal interviews. Some institutes additionally conduct medical examinations to make sure candidates meet the specified health requirements.

The air hostess training institute fees in India can vary widely, ranging from approximately INR 50,000 to INR 5 lakhs or more. The exact fees depend on factors such as the reputation of the institute, the duration of the course, and the facilities offered. Aspiring air hostesses must research and compare fees across different institutes to find a suitable option that aligns with their budget and educational goals. Additionally, candidates should inquire about any additional costs, such as study materials, uniforms, or examination fees, to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the overall financial commitment.

Entrance Exams for Air Hostess Diploma Courses after 12th

While particular entrance checks might also vary, not unusual ones encompass the Air Hostess Common Entrance Test (AHCET) and the Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi (IGRUA) front examination. These assessments check applicants on parameters like aptitude, communique skills, and standard recognition.

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Top 10 Air Hostess Training Institutes in India

1. Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training:

Frankfinn, a pioneer in air hostess training, gives comprehensive guides specializing in grooming, communique competencies, and industry-precise knowledge. With a sturdy curriculum and hit placements, Frankfinn is a desired preference for aspiring air hostesses.

2. Air Hostess Academy (AHA):

AHA provides specialized education in aviation, hospitality, and customer support. Emphasizing practical competencies and enterprise insights, AHA ensures graduates are properly organized for the dynamic challenges of the aviation region. Strong networks with airlines decorate placement opportunities.

3. Wings Air Hostess & Hospitality Training:

Wings adopts a holistic approach to air hostess training, incorporating modules on safety, first aid, and in-flight management. Hands-on training and an industry-oriented curriculum make Wings a sought-after choice for those aspiring to join the aviation industry.

4. PTC Aviation Academy:

Known for its rigorous training programs covering a wide range of skills, PTC Aviation Academy’s tie-ups with reputed airlines facilitate internships and job placements. This ensures a smooth transition for graduates into the professional realm.

5. Jet Airways Training Academy:

Backed by the renowned airline, Jet Airways Training Academy provides first-hand exposure to the aviation industry. Focusing on both technical and soft skills, the academy prepares air hostess aspirants for a successful career in one of India’s leading airlines.

6. Kingfisher Training Academy:

Affiliated with the iconic Kingfisher Airlines, this academy offers specialized courses in cabin crew training. Industry connections and emphasis on practical training make it a top choice for aspiring aviation professionals.

7. Indigo Training Centre:

Associated with one of the fastest-growing airlines in India, Indigo Training Centre’s curriculum emphasizes current industry trends and practical scenarios, ensuring graduates are well-prepared for the dynamic aviation environment.

8. Rajiv Gandhi Memorial College of Aeronautics:

Focused on comprehensive aeronautics training, including air hostess training, this college prepares students for various roles within the aviation industry. The institute provides a strong foundation in both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

9. Ahmedabad Aviation & Aeronautics Ltd.:

Specializing in aviation and aeronautics, this institute provides tailored training for aspiring air hostesses. Emphasizing safety protocols, communication skills, and in-flight services, graduates are well-equipped to meet the demands of the aviation sector.

10. Bombay Flying Club:

With a legacy in aviation education, Bombay Flying Club offers air hostess training as part of its comprehensive curriculum. The institute’s rich heritage and experienced faculty contribute to its reputation as a reliable choice for quality education in aviation.

Types of Air Hostess Training Courses in India

In India, there are different courses to become an air hostess. These courses help students prepare for a successful career in aviation by teaching things like serving passengers, safety rules, and good communication. Many institutes offer special air hostess courses after 12th, so students can start right after finishing high school. These courses focus on improving appearance, personality, and understanding of the aviation industry. Students can choose from diploma courses, bachelor’s programs, or short certifications based on their education and career goals. Overall, these courses give a strong start for those who want to do well in the exciting world of aviation.

Air Hostess Courses After 12th

1) Diploma in Air Hostess Training:

Eligibility: Completion of 12th grade.

Areas of Study: Focus on protection strategies, customer service, and in-flight control.

Duration and Syllabus: Spanning from 6 months to at least one year, protecting critical aspects of aviation, hospitality, and conversation skills.

Job Profiles: Opportunities as Air Hostesses, Flight Attendants, or Cabin Crew members.

Fee Range: Fees of air hostess training typically start from INR 1,00,000 to 2,00,000.

Scope: Prospects in airlines, non-public charters, and international companies. Salaries start from INR 3 to 6 lakhs per annum, with a growing demand for professional specialists.

Advanced Diploma in Air Hostess Training:

2) Advanced Diploma in Air Hostess Training:

Eligibility: Completion of 12th grade.

Areas of Study: Advanced coursework in safety, hospitality, and in-flight offerings.

Duration and Syllabus: Extending from 1 to two years, incorporating vast practical education.

Job Profiles: Opportunities as Senior Air Hostesses, In-Flight Supervisors, or Lead Cabin Crew members.

Fee Range: fees of air hostess training generally fall between INR 2,00,000 to 4,00,000.

Scope:  Expanded career possibilities with premium airlines. Salaries range from INR 6 to 10 lakhs in keeping with annum.

3) Certificate Course in Air Hostess Training:

Eligibility: Completion of 12th grade.

Areas of Study: Fundamental training in safety, customer support, and hospitality.

Duration and Syllabus: Lasting from 3 to 6 months, overlaying fundamental elements of air hostess responsibilities.

Job Profiles: Entry-level roles as Air Hostesses or Trainee Flight Attendants.

Fee Range: Typically varying from INR 50,000 to 1,00,000.

Scope: Entry-stage positions in home airlines with salaries beginning at INR 3 lakhs per annum and advances as per your experience.

4) Degree Courses in Aviation with Air Hostess Specialization:

Eligibility: Completion of 10+ 2 with a technology movement.

Areas of Study: Comprehensive aviation training, encompassing air hostess modules.

Duration and Syllabus: Spanning 3 years, masking aviation, hospitality, and management.

Job Profiles: Opportunities as Air Hostesses, Flight Supervisors, or Aviation Managers.

Fee Range: Air hostess course fees generally fall within the range of INR 3,00,000 to 6,00,000.

Scope: Varied opportunities in aviation management and leadership roles. Salaries range from INR 6 to 12 lakhs per annum.

Earnings as an Air Hostess in India in 2024

In 2024, the common revenue for air hostesses in India can vary based on numerous factors like enjoyment, the airline they paintings for, and the routes they function on. Typically, entry-degree air hostesses may earn between INR 3  to 6 lakhs consistently per annum. For the ones in senior positions with professional airways, salaries may range from INR 6 to 12 lakhs per annum. It’s essential to note that those figures are estimates and may range based totally on character qualifications, capabilities, and the particular regulations of the airline. Aspiring individuals considering a career in this field may explore suitable air hostess study programs to enhance their prospects in the aviation industry.

Embarking in the pursuit of a diploma in air hostess training opens doorways to an exciting profession in aviation. The holistic training provided using esteemed institutes, coupled with the escalating demand for proficient experts, positions you for success inside the vibrant and pleasing realm of air hostessing. Initiate your journey toward knowing your dream of hovering excessively with the aid of exploring the various possibilities inside the area and enrolling in a good air hostess schooling institute today.

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