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8 best strategies to attract standout educators

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Educators are integral parts of a school. Educators work beyond just teaching and contribute in many aspects to the institution, such as:

  • Making school decisions 
  • Crafting policies
  • Formulating budgets
  • Collaborating with parents 
  • Designing classroom activities and personalizing teaching plans
  • Creating Data-driven decision making
  • Organizing classrooms

Quality educators ensure quality education which is essential for schools to run smoothly and grow. But in order to attract and retain them for the long term, school leaders must ensure that their needs are fulfilled.  It is necessary to understand their needs and then create strategies to attract and retain standout educators.

Here are 8 strategies that can help schools attract standout educators

1. Professional development of educators:

Good educators are lifelong learners and professional development helps them stay updated with the subject knowledge and advances in their area. Following activities can help educators grow:

  • Educational conferences and seminars 
  • Library, Courses, and workshops
  • Peer mentoring and visits to other schools
  • Support for higher education

Educators are benefitted from these as they develop the necessary industry skills, knowledge, and insights. Such opportunities will attract standout educators.

2. An attractive salary: 

Why do educators look for a new job? A good salary is one of the main reasons. Offer the best pay to educators according to their talent and school affordability. Educators are more likely to be attracted if they get an annual salary increment which motivates them to improve their skills in the classroom. It in turn leads to increased student enrollment for the institute.

3. Highlight employee benefits, compensations, and amenities: 

Apart from salary, educators get attracted to employee benefits and other amenities. They can perform well when they are healthy. Schools should support their medical needs, provide them with health insurance and offer generous maternity benefits to female educators. Schools should also offer bonus, pension fund, paid leaves, travel allowance, food allowance, salary advance, caregiver services to those with younger children, etc to make the offer attractive for the educator.

4. Improve the onboarding process and support new educators:

The onboarding process helps schools make an impression on new educators. It helps convey a school’s values and provides the resources that are essential for employees to be successfully assimilated into their position with pre-planned efforts. Schools should provide opportunities for educators to ask questions, share ideas and build relationships. They should also place new educators with experienced mentors for a few days. 

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5. Share success stories and activities on social media: 

Present generation educators are more likely to use social media for personal and professional purposes. School leaders can share success stories of their educator’s professional growth, creativity, and experiences on their school’s website and different social media platforms. For example: share activities on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, or Linkedin.

This will allow you to position your school in such circles and enable you to reach people beyond your school district and geography. This will also motivate current educators and help in attracting quality educators.

6. Reward on performance: 

Rewards and acknowledgment are essential to motivate and attract educators to the school. School leaders can conduct annual awards and offer incentives to standout educators. Offer educators appreciation letters, gift cards, discount coupons, and quarterly team lunches for their performance. Encouraging and rewarding educators will also help in strengthening their bond with the school.

7. Management support:

When the management of the school is effective, it’s easy to attract standout educators. Management needs to involve educators in decision making that would in return impact them, support educators’ issues, and schedule one-on-one sessions with educators to listen to their classroom success, challenges, and prospects.

Treat educators like trusted professionals. When educators come to share issues, listen, give suggestions, and respect their decisions. Organize extracurricular activities for educators to keep their minds refreshed once in a while. These attract educators as they feel more secure and respected.

8. Support the mental health of educators:

Mental health support is equally vital for professional development. Teaching sometimes can be overwhelming for educators as they deal with various challenges regarding children. Provide them with professional mental counseling. Arrange multiple workshops to develop a growth mindset and positive behavior among them. Conduct various activities to make them express their feelings and provide emotional support.

Implementing these strategies in the school would lead to tremendous outcomes. It will help increase students’ performance and enhance the school’s reputation. Good educators also improve parents’ engagement in the school, come up with innovative ideas and excellent classroom interventions which improve the school’s quality holistically.


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