How to Prepare for BITSAT? Strategies to Score Well

How to Prepare for BITSAT? Strategies to Score Well

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BITSAT exam strategies

Candidates are required to take the BITSAT exam to gain admission into undergraduate engineering programs at BITS-Pilani and other campuses. The exam is based on the NCERT class 11 and 12 Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics curricula. Due to the intense competition for each available seat, candidates who are preparing for the BITSAT may be unsure about where to start and how to prepare effectively. To achieve a good score in the BITSAT 2023 exam, candidates need to score 300 or more out of 400.

Given that BITSAT is one of the more well-known engineering entrance exams, there is a lot of competition. It is crucial for candidates to have a comprehensive preparation strategy for the exam since thousands of students take part in it. Without a preparation strategy to crack the exam, candidates may find it challenging to score 300 or more marks. Most engineering candidates prepare for both BITSAT and JEE Main simultaneously, despite having the same syllabus, the format of the questions and the scoring system differ. In BITSAT, accuracy and speed are more important.

For candidates who are seeking clarification on the issue, here are a few strategies to score well in the BITSAT:

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1. Understand the Syllabus 

Candidates must be familiar with the BITSAT syllabus to prepare effectively and save time. Knowing the curriculum will enable them to identify the topics that require more attention and those that can be studied later. For subjects like English and logical thinking, no formulas or memorization are necessary. The syllabus primarily focuses on conceptual topics, and candidates should use it as a guide for exam preparation.

2. Understanding the Exam Pattern

The BITSAT exam is an online test consisting of 130 objective-based questions (MCQs) that must be completed in three hours. Candidates receive three marks for each correct answer, and one mark is deducted for every incorrect response. Being familiar with the exam pattern will help candidates prepare better for the entrance exam

3. Study Strategy

After thoroughly understanding the BITSAT syllabus and its different sections, candidates should develop a solid study strategy. Dividing the preparation time for each section will ensure that candidates cover all the sections and do not overlook any topics. It is essential to become proficient in the key topics and sections of the syllabus.

4. Start with NCERT Books

Candidates should know that BITSAT questions frequently reference the NCERT textbooks. Therefore, it is recommended that candidates complete their NCERT textbooks for Classes 11th and 12th before consulting other books. It should be emphasized that NCERT books are the best for understanding the fundamental ideas of each topic. After mastering the basics, candidates can consult other books for BITSAT.

5. Work on Mock Tests

BITS offers mock tests on its official website. Candidates are required to take these mock tests because they are based on the format of the actual exam and offer a genuine examination experience. By practicing the BITSAT mock tests, candidates can improve their speed and efficiency. They will be able to monitor their level of preparation and focus effectively on the weakest portions of the syllabus.

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6. Time Management, Speed, and Accuracy

Candidates need to improve their speed and time management as it is a key component of the online test. To improve their speed and time management, candidates should attempt questions using timers, practice sheets, etc. Accuracy is also crucial because incorrect responses will result in a lower grade. As a result, candidates must exercise caution when responding to questions during the online test.

7. Revision is Mandatory

Revision is one of the most crucial components of a study strategy and should be a daily part of preparation. Candidates who constantly revise have no risk of forgetting what they have learned. It is highly advisable to revise formulas and learn the periodic table. Therefore, revision time should be included in the study strategy.

8. Take Good Care of Your Health 

While careful planning is important, maintaining good health should always come first. Candidates shouldn’t exert themselves too much. It is highly advised to make time for hobbies and exercise frequently. To maintain strong preparation for BITSAT, proper sleep and a healthy diet are essential.

Top Preparation Tips to Score High in BITSAT

Scoring high in the BITS Admission Test (BITSAT) requires a focused preparation strategy, given its unique pattern and level of competition.

  • Start Early: Begin the preparation at least 6 to 8 months before the scheduled exam date.
  • Understand the Syllabus: Know the important topics and their weightage. Focus on the following subjects – Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Logical Reasoning, and English proficiency.
  • Practice Regularly: Consistent practice is crucial.
  • Learn Shortcut Techniques for mathematics and physics.
  • Revise Regularly: Create concise notes for quick reference during revision.
  • Avoid Distractions: Minimize distractions from social media, TV, or other activities. Stay focused on the goals.

How to score high in BITSAT?

To score high in BITSAT, it is essential to have a thorough understanding of the exam’s structure and a solid hold of the core subjects. Start by preparing a systematic study plan that includes reviewing concepts, solving previous years’ question papers, and taking mock tests to familiarize yourself with the exam’s format and timing. Focus on conceptual clarity, especially in STEM subjects, and regularly practice to enhance speed and accuracy. Don’t ignore the English and Logical Reasoning sections, as these can significantly boost the overall score. A consistent and disciplined approach to preparation will be key to achieving a high score in BITSAT.

Add Conclusion

Preparing for BITSAT demands a comprehensive and strategic approach to cover all aspects of the syllabus effectively. Build the fundamental concepts by considering NCERT books, and refer to various publications. Starting early, understanding the exam format, focusing on conceptual clarity, and regular practice are essential to mastering the material. By incorporating mock tests, time management strategies, and revision into the study routine, candidates can enhance their performance and increase their confidence. Scoring well takes a lot of effort and commitment. However, it is not impossible. With dedication and the right strategies, scoring well in BITSAT is certainly within reach.


1. What are effective BITSAT study techniques?

Effective BITSAT study techniques involve a blend of disciplined preparation, a thorough understanding of the exam pattern, and rigorous practice. Key to excelling is a deep conceptual grasp of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, using resources like NCERT books for foundational knowledge. Regular practice with BITSAT-specific mock tests and past papers is crucial for developing speed and accuracy, essential for the computer-based test format. Additionally, do not underestimate the value of the English Proficiency and Logical Reasoning sections; regular reading and logical exercises can greatly enhance performance in these areas. Effective time management, both in preparation and during the exam, helps maximize performance by allowing you to allocate appropriate time to each section. Integrating these techniques into your study routine will optimize your BITSAT preparation and enhance your chances of a high score.

2. How can I improve my BITSAT score?

Understand the Exam Pattern – Be well aware of the exam pattern so you know what comes next.

  • Create a Study Schedule – A minimum for 3-4 hours of daily study.
  • Conceptual Clarity – The foundation is the building block
  • Practice Regularly – Practice is the key to success
  • Seek Help When Needed – From teachers, peers, or online coaching platforms
  • Stay Focused and Motivated – Set clear goals and work for it.

3. How do different study techniques impact BITSAT performance?

Different study techniques can have a significant impact on BITSAT performance depending on diverse learning styles and enhancing understanding and retention of material. Here’s are a few study techniques:

  • Active Recall: By frequently testing themselves on the material studied (using flashcards or practice questions, for example), students improve their knowledge and identify gaps.
  • Concept Mapping: Creating visual representations of the links between concepts (concept maps) can be particularly useful for complex subjects like Chemistry and Physics. This builds in a deeper understanding and quicker recall during the exam.
  • Practice Testing: Mock tests and practice papers simulate real exam conditions. This technique also helps in adjusting strategies based on performance, such as deciding when to move on from a tough question.
  • Memory Aids: Using mnemonics or memory aids can simplify the memorization of complex formulas, historical data, or sequences, particularly useful in Chemistry and Biology.
  • Group Study: Studying in groups can help clarify doubts, share resources, and keep motivation levels high.
    Teaching Others: Explaining concepts to peers can reinforce understanding and uncover any confusion.



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