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What next? Short term Courses after 10th in 2022

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Short term Courses after 10th

Students who have completed class 10 must now prepare for the next step, which is to decide on a course after Class 10th. As you all know, Science, Arts, and Commerce courses are available after 10th but this requires some preparation and a whole lot of research. Not just this, students interested in a job-oriented curriculum may need to look at such courses after the 10th that allow for placement after graduation.

Exploring new and short term courses after 10th class helps students in not only gaining abilities but also in determining whether or not that discipline is well suited to them and is able to maintain their interest. If you are a young student who has recently completed 10th and are looking for the best short term courses after 10th to pursue that will help you build a strong profile while helping you get a step closer to realising what you are passionate about, here is all the information you will need for short term courses after 10th.

List of short term courses after 10th to choose from

1. Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing is a booming career. Pursuing a course in this field, also known as Internet Marketing, will help students in creating a strong and successful career that encompasses brand promotion, awareness and customer acquisition. Short term courses in this field might last anywhere from 3 months to 2 years.

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2. Short Term Course in Engineering

It is also known as a polytechnic course. Short term courses for 10th pass students in engineering are done at the undergraduate level. Some fundamental skills in math, computer science, engineering, communications, and other areas are included in the study. If you are looking for a bright career, engineering is a vast field with various job opportunities in both the public and private sectors. The minimum term of a certificate in engineering is 3 years and several institutes offer this diploma degree. Still confused about what short-term courses to pursue after 10th? Read on

3. 3D Animation/Graphic Designing Course

If you are seeking innovative short-term courses after 10th, 3D animation or graphic designing may be a suitable option for you to explore your abilities. These are good opportunities to explore your creativity as the course will give you the necessary technical abilities to enable you to create designs and illustrations. There is a great demand for graphic designers in recent times. The duration for the ones available in this field is 6-18 months.

4. Web Designing Certificate Course

This course has recently become popular and fascinating. Websites, blogs, and e-commerce websites are among the types of websites that need to be designed and maintained. We are living in an era dominated by the internet when everything is available with a single click. Companies are increasingly turning to the internet to grow their size and reach, necessitating the hiring of skilled web designers to create visually appealing and high-performing websites.

This short-term web design and development course cover the essentials of web scripting, graphics, and multimedia. Introduction to the internet, photoshop, Java script, HTML, web 2.0, content management systems, and hosting and server technologies are all covered. This course usually lasts three to 6 weeks.

5. Stock Market Training

If you’re interested in the stock market or the financial markets, a stock market training course can lead to various exciting opportunities. The course will teach you the strategies and abilities you’ll need to comprehend how the stock market works, how stock trends are analysed, and the different approaches of reading the market. These courses last between 1-2 years.

6. Cyber Security Course

Students can get adequate knowledge about cyber law, networks, security measures, online threats, firewalls, and various antivirus software by pursuing a short term certification course in Cyber Security. The duration is around 12-14 courses.

7. Business Management Training

If you wish to master business management and administrative skills, the Business Management is an ideal course to pursue. The course equips students with the core skills needed to engage in commercial operations. This course will provide you with all of the information you need about the business world as well as ideas to help you develop critical management abilities in the future. A certificate in business management can usually be completed in 1-2 years.

8. SEO Training Course

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the wave of the future. Several businesses are utilising search engine optimization techniques to increase website traffic and attract new clients. If you’re looking for a short-term course after 10th, consider SEO training because it’s in high demand for people who have the necessary expertise in this industry. Training in this discipline can take anywhere from 6-12 months to complete.

9. Fashion Designing course

Fashion design requires a lot more than just making clothes! The fashion business includes a diverse range of jobs like garment design, style communication, textiles, production, selling, retailer merchandising, fashion, and so on and on! There are numerous additional aspects to the fashion industry.

Short term job oriented courses after 10th in Fashion and Design are unquestionably growing more popular in India and aspirants can choose from a wide variety of certification or training programs that will instruct and prepare them for the job market from an early age.

10. Photography Courses

Photojournalism is not a pastime. But it isn’t just for the bright and fascinating world of the arts either! Photography is also used in a variety of disciplines such as study, business, and industry and a photographer can work in a variety of industries including science and technology, industry and business, art, film production, video production, and mass communication.

A short time course after 10th in photography would be a basic/entry-level training program that would help applicants understand the principles of photography.

11. Data Entry Courses

In layman’s terms, data entry refers to the process of entering or maintaining data into a computer system. A short-term Data Entry course will instruct and train students in areas such as computer operation, hardware and software, typing, internet technology, and much more.

12. Air Hostesses/Flight Stewards Training

Air hostesses/flight stewardesses are well-paid aviation professionals, therefore pursuing this job after completing a short-term course can be beneficial. This job offers a lot of travel and a good salary!

The minimum eligibility requirement for becoming an air hostess or flight steward is 10+2 in any stream (Science/Commerce/Arts) with English as a compulsory subject. 

13. Short Term Certificate Program in MS Office

MS application includes a number of tools that can be used in a variety of everyday and business situations.  MS Office Short-Term Candidates will learn about MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Access, and other tools by enrolling in a MS Office Short-Term program. The duration of the training is 3 months.

14. Certificate Course in Programming Language

Languages like Java, C++, PHP, SQL, and others will be covered in a short term  certificate program in this discipline. Candidates will learn about data types and operators, functions and arrays, file handling procedures, logical/looping, and other concepts in these languages. The short term online courses after 10th can be completed in about 3 to 6 months.

15. Data Science Courses

In the realm of technology, data science is one of the most recent hot careers. Data Scientist positions are currently available in a variety of industries, including high-end R&D, retail, manufacturing, and sales & marketing, to name a few. Linear Algebra, Data Visualization, and Calculus will all be covered.

16. Creative Writing Courses

Creative writing can be said to be a part of the Digital Marketing field. This short-term course focuses on enhancing the student’s writing abilities. It focuses on the development of a writing style and and covers the following topics- English Grammar, Content layout, marking and highlighting etc. 

After completing the course, you can take on the following job posts and roles-

  • Content writer
  • Content editor
  • Content marketing professional
  • Digital publishing platforms (as Content writing professionally) Need Funds for your Short term Courses. Enquire now


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