7 Student Monitoring Apps for Parents

7 Student Monitoring Apps for Parents

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Student Monitoring Apps

Apps for student monitoring are specialized programs designed to simplify and automate the routine duties of educational institutions. These apps can be easily accessed by anyone with a smartphone. They enable school administrators to assign, manage, and monitor everyday school activities online, while allowing parents to keep an eye on their children. Additionally, school administrators can securely keep all academic materials and data on a single platform.

1. Edunext

Edunext is the most esteemed school ERP in India, offering helpful modules that make the daily administrative process hassle-free. Whether it is about the student information system, e-learning, fees management, admission management, student attendance management, payroll management, or personnel administration, Edunext comes with features to make things safer, quicker, and smarter. Edunext also introduced the first school mobile app in India and school administration software with Alexa integration. With the clever Edunext Mobile App, parents can be informed of any pertinent information about their ward.

Another outstanding feature of Edunext that sets it apart from other apps is the e-learning function that comes with Next Level G Suite integration for material sharing and conducting online lessons on a cutting-edge platform like Google Meet. Additionally, it offers quick result production while allowing for both subjective and objective types of assessments and quizzes.

2. Schoolin

Schoolin ERP is the finest option if you are seeking quick and dependable school administration software built on a lightweight construction. It offers the possibility of managing finances, student enrollment, and exams. Real-time school updates can be viewed, and data can be filtered for analysis. Additionally, it has an SMS integration function, which enables the sending of messages to parents about reminders for fees and other obligations, transportation, attendance-related issues, holidays, etc., to keep them informed of the most recent developments.


EDRP is a cloud-based school ERP solution that does not require any software installation, making it a digitally collaborative solution. The software provides readily available data to the school from any location at any time, and it is simple to use even for individuals with only rudimentary computer expertise. Additionally, the software sends real-time notifications to parents, making it easier for them to stay informed.

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4. Shiksha365cloud

Shiksha365cloud is a student monitoring software that includes SMS integration features, making it highly practical for schools. It is an effective school ERP that automatically notifies parents of upcoming exams, holidays, reminders of overdue fees, and handles complex daily school operations online, such as fee collection, attendance, exam management, circular management, etc.

5. Edisapp

Edisapp is a complete enterprise-grade academic ERP developed by Eloit Innovations that controls internal academic and non-academic human capital. It digitizes the student life cycle and automates complete school operations. The mobile cloud-based tool allows you to manage and oversee all school operations from any location. The software provides access to all necessary data, including student information, payment information, attendance information, mark sheets, etc.

Edisapp is one of the first and only Smart TV Apps worldwide that allow parents to check their children’s progress and stay informed about school announcements and notifications while relaxing at home. Moreover, Edisapp offers smartphone apps like the parent app, teacher app, and others, as well as smart wearables for principals.

6. Hello Parent

It is the most reliable mobile software that aims to connect parents and schools, making communication between them much simpler and quicker. Parents can access the school schedule on their mobile devices in advance, without needing to ask for physical curricula or notices of daily schedules. Parents can also ask teachers about their child’s progress through the app, without waiting for a parent-teacher conference. Additionally, parents can make payments online and track the progress of the cab or bus to receive updates on their child’s arrival at school and home.

7. Schoolknot

Schoolknot is used by many schools to organize their everyday operations. The app automates many tasks, including posting curriculum schedules, planning events, and assigning assignments. Schoolknot also increases parental involvement in education and student engagement. The software is simple to use and open to all smartphone users.

All student monitoring apps provide the same primary function of simplifying difficult educational tasks and boosting productivity. Additionally, these apps encourage parental involvement in education and raise student engagement through the use of cutting-edge features. Every school eventually needs an appropriate student monitoring tool to run efficiently.


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