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What is project-based learning and how it helps students solve real-world problems?

Project based learning
Project-based learning (PBL) is an innovative and dynamic educational approach that has gained popularity in recent years. Unlike traditional classroom-based instruction, which focuses on lectures, textbooks, and rote memorization, PBL is centered around real-world problems and hands-on projects that allow students to apply what they have learned to real-world scenarios. The key difference between PBL[...]
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Performance of Indian students in NAS: Implications for Quality Improvement

Quality education
The 2020 National Education Policy stresses the importance of education in realizing human potential, promoting national development, and creating a just society. To achieve these objectives, several initiatives and laws, such as the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act of 2009 and the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan of 2001, have been introduced with[...]
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Multilingual Education: Benefits and Challenges

Multilingual Education
This title, “Multilingualism,” comes from the Roman terms “multi,” which means many, and “lingua,” which means language. Hence, the ability of a speaker to communicate in multiple languages with equal and native-like proficiency is referred to as multilingualism. Another definition of multilingualism is the coexistence of multiple languages within a society. Research has shown that[...]
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7 ways teachers can include soft skills training in curriculum

Soft skill training
Education goes beyond just memorizing facts, performing well on tests, or completing a random online course. Teaching soft skills to students can be challenging for teachers, regardless of the age group they are teaching. This is especially true when the class comprises students with varying academic abilities. To ensure that students can apply what they[...]
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How To Reduce Exam Stress?

Reduce Exam Stress
Most students experience anxiety during exam periods due to various reasons such as parental expectations, competition amongst peers, incomplete syllabus, and fear of performing poorly in exams. These factors create immense pressure and tension in students’ minds, and in some cases, situations may worsen. As exams draw closer, the combined effect of these factors can[...]
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10 latest innovations and technologies in the Indian education sector

latest innovations and technologies
The Indian education sector has undergone a significant transformation in recent years, owing to the implementation of innovative technologies and solutions. According to a report by KPMG, the e-learning market in India is estimated to have reached $1.96 billion in 2021, up from $247 million in 2016. The growth in popularity of mobile learning platforms[...]
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