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How to best equip school leaders to create more equitable and resilient education systems post covid

best equip school leaders
Every child’s education around the world was impacted by COVID-19. Schools used a variety of innovative methods to continue teaching during the pandemic. Nearly overnight, a lot of schools started providing online teaching classes. Schools approached teaching in different ways with the support of the internet, traditional post offices, television and radio and other media.[...]
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5 ways teacher motivation can improve student learning outcomes

teacher motivation
In today’s world, being a teacher is an incredible challenge. Beyond the day to day challenges of teaching and grading, teachers have to deal with students who have behavioural or family issues, learning difficulties and other issues. As a school leader or administrator, keeping teachers motivated is an important part of your role. Motivated teachers[...]
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School self-evaluation for growth: What works and why?

School self-evaluation
Schools need to know how well they are performing to identify areas for improvement. School self-evaluation is one way to accomplish this. Self-evaluations can be either formative (used to assess current gaps and solutions to close those gaps) or summative (used to assess progress against predetermined goals). When used effectively, self-evaluations can be a powerful[...]
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8 best strategies to attract standout educators

standout educators
Educators are integral parts of a school. Educators work beyond just teaching and contribute in many aspects to the institution, such as: Making school decisions  Crafting policies Formulating budgets Collaborating with parents  Designing classroom activities and personalizing teaching plans Creating Data-driven decision making Organizing classrooms Quality educators ensure quality education which is essential for schools[...]
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5 effective teaching strategies for teachers and schools

teaching strategies for teachers
Students in each class have unique abilities and personalities. Some children learn faster than others because they have different learning abilities and skills. Because of these differences in children, it is difficult for teachers to implement methods that benefit the entire class. As a result, teachers must develop teaching strategies and innovative solutions to meet[...]
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Supporting early career teachers and making an impact on teaching practices

teaching practices
During the training period, teachers have the opportunity to gain solid subject knowledge as well as learn teaching and learning theories. Regardless of expertise, entering the school and dealing with students and parents, curriculum development, school management and administration and working on assessment all at the same time is a unique experience. Some first-year teachers[...]
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