5 ways parents can get involved in schools

5 ways parents can get involved in schools

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Parents Engagement

Parents play a prominent role in a child’s learning and growth. A child spends maximum time with their parents. However, when they start going to school parents’ involvement starts to reduce as they rely on the school to take care of their child’s growth. It is essential to understand the importance of parental involvement in school and provide opportunities for them to be part of it.  

Importance of Parental Involvement in School

Research by the National Coalition for Parent Involvement in Education says that parental involvement in a child’s education improves their academic performance, regular attendance, and social skills despite their educational and financial background. Here are a few benefits of how parental involvement in school can be advantageous for students, schools, and teachers.

Benefits to students

  • Academic performance i.e. higher test scores and grade points
  • Higher success rates in class and lower dropout rates
  • Higher rates of continuation of further studies
  • Student’s personality development i.e.better social and behaviour and better school adaptation

Benefits to school and teachers

  • Increase regular school attendance
  • Enhancement in school operation
  • High student retention
  • Active classroom engagement

Challenges in Parent’s Involvement in School

  • Lack of time – To keep the family’s financial state stable, most parents can’t take out time and prioritise their child’s school activities. Sometimes due to hectic job schedules, they don’t show much interest in it or fail to participate even if they are interested.
  • Illiteracy and lack of motivation – Some parents choose not to get involved in their children’s school because they believe that they are illiterate and lack confidence to speak with teachers. Additionally, they believe that the teacher alone should be in charge of their children’s education.
  • Lack of engagement program- Most schools don’t offer any proper educational program which can engage parents. As a result, many parents remain unfamiliar with the educational system.

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Strategies to improve parental involvement in schools

1. Adopt Communication initiating tools 

Effective communication tools will help in filling the communication gap between the school and invested parents. Many communication platforms allow easy communication and regular follow-up with parents.

Schools can share information through texts, student information systems (SIS), phone calls, emails, and diaries. Also, there are free apps available in the market which help in feedback collection, and curriculum tips. Ex: Bioomz, Parents Square, Klassly, Remind, etc.

2. Volunteering opportunities for parents


Providing different volunteering opportunities to parents will boost their motivation and interest. It is the best way of giving direct opportunities to parents for leadership and to showcase their talents such as event coordination (school trips, exhibition competitions), painting activities (wall painting), and logistics arrangement (venue, photographs, prints, food, etc).

3. Community awareness

To engage with parents effectively, community awareness can be a good tool for increasing direct interaction and parental involvement in school. Interested schools can organize various community-centered awareness programs such as health sanitation, mental health, and nutrition. 

4. Decision-making and advocacy 

One good way to enhance parental involvement in school is by providing them a platform where they can share their concerns and be part of the decision-making that will build trust in schools. By arranging meetings or conferences.

It will provide them opportunities to be part of the school and take ownership of the child’s learning. Also, most of the conflicts such as lack of communication, teaching, delivery, feedback related to health and safety concerns, and infrastructure quality can be addressed here.

5. Implementing parental involvement in academics program  

Adequate parental involvement programs strengthen the relationship between parents and the school. It is important to understand the need and opt for a suitable program to cater to it. Schools can involve third parties to improve parental involvement in school such as through the Varthana Smart Fee Program. It will help schools to engage parents without hampering their relationship with parents. 

Hence engaging parents in school is not an easy job. But using smart tools and effective strategies can increase parents’ involvement in school. Schools need to put constant effort to make it successful. 


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