7 Essential Online Teaching Tools For Educators and Students

7 Essential Online Teaching Tools For Educators and Students

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Online Teaching Tools

In the year 2020, there were many changes in the way students learned and teachers taught. During the pandemic, millions of children switched from face-to-face classroom instruction to some form of virtual education set up at home. During the first few months, teachers were unsure which virtual platform was best for their students. However, after the pandemic, they tested various tools and programs until they found their favorites.

Here are a few virtual online tools for teaching and learning to help you enrich your classroom:

1. Visme

It is a virtual tool that anyone can use to create reports, schedules, concept maps, presentations, and so on. 

How can Visme assist teachers and students? 

The tool assists teachers in creating content for their students, such as presentations and worksheets. Some of the solutions it provides for teachers are listed below:

  • It will assist in creating class schedules in the form of presentations and sharing them with students, so they can stay on track with their weekly lessons. The class schedule templates are colorful and visually appealing, making it easier for students to remember the information.
  • Teachers can use this tool to create lesson plan templates. There are a few templates available in this learning tool for creating lesson plans, which can be created and shared with students. The information can be easily downloaded and is available in pdf and image formats.
  • Teachers can also use this tool to create report cards for the students. There are a few report card templates that teachers can use to inspire students to continue performing well for the rest of the school year.
  • Teachers can use this tool to assign various types of assignments to their students. The students also can use this app to research project works, complete flexible worksheets, personalize certificates, create flashcards, and take quizzes.

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2. Google Classroom

Google Classrooms are online virtual classrooms. It is a learning management system that is part of the G Suite. This means that teachers can use Google apps to create lesson documents within Google Classroom. You must have a G Suite for education account to use the Google Classroom app. 

Many Indian schools use Google Classroom apps to teach classes. The best part about Google Classroom is that teachers can create all of the content for classes using any software they want. For example, teachers can create lesson plans and import any visual or audio clips. In 2020, Google Classroom became easier to integrate with the Google Meet app. These advances in technology have made it even easier to conduct classes online.

3. Zoom

We all know that Zoom is often used for business meetings, but did you know that it also works well for online teaching? There are two ways to use Zoom: meetings and webinars. The most suitable for interactive online teaching is Zoom meetings. In Zoom meetings, the best thing is that teachers can break out students into different groups, called breakout rooms, which are like a normal classroom where a teacher can create small groups among the students.

4. A Web Whiteboard App

Aww is the perfect solution for teachers. This app is used to create a whiteboard for students to write on during class. This is a digital whiteboard that teachers can use as a note in a regular classroom board. The integration between Aww and June makes it easier to teach online. You can also import PDF and PowerPoint files into Aww.

5. Ted Talks

Ted Talks is also a great place to search for online resources for teaching. It may not be exactly for at-home learning, but it can be used as a repository. This website offers videos of 18-minute speeches by influential speakers on a variety of topics. They are experts in their fields, and there are even some talks by kids that can be greatly inspiring for students.

6. Dialpad

Dialpad is an online tool that provides an easy-to-use application for schools where teachers and students can meet, text, chat, and interact online. Dialpad is accessible on a variety of devices such as tablets, smartphones, computers, and laptops. Teachers can meet their students remotely and can create online classes instantly from anywhere in the world. They can also send out bulk SMS messages to check in with students on assignments and send any updates or announcements.

7. LightSail

LightSail is a program to keep up with students’ literacy progress. This program has already shown positive results in the classrooms. With the rapid spread of online learning, LightSail has adapted different features to teach more effectively. The LightSail app provides students with a variety of learning materials to improve their literacy. The app can track student progress, how much each student reads and how they are improving.

In conclusion, online teaching tools have become an essential part of education in the digital age. The tools mentioned above are all excellent options for educators and students to use to enhance the online learning experience. These tools provide a wide range of features that can assist teachers in creating engaging and interactive content, while also providing students with the resources they need to learn and grow. 


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