Preparing for next school year with small infrastructure changes

Preparing for next school year with small infrastructure changes

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A school serves as a home away from home for students, as they spend the majority of their waking hours there. It’s essential to have a well-organized, peaceful, and disciplined space to support students’ focus and aid in their assimilation of what they learn.

Denying a good infrastructure that can influence students’ academic lives is dishonest. Good infrastructure is also important for experienced instructors and instructional pedagogy in order to foster an environment that is beneficial for students’ overall growth. It plays a vital role in the development and growth of the school.

How changes in infrastructure benefit other processes in school

1. Increase in enrollment

Every parent wants to send their child to a good school, and quality infrastructure is often a key consideration. When schools have well-furnished buildings and spaces, it can make them a top choice for parents who want the best for their children’s overall development.

2. Reduction of teacher absenteeism

When teachers work in a school with good infrastructure, it can give them a sense of pride and job satisfaction which boosts their morale. As a result, teachers are more likely to adhere to their job roles regularly, with fewer complaints and less absenteeism.

3. Improvement in learning results

According to a study of 21st-century school funds in 2010, learning is more or less dependent on quality infrastructure. Additionally, the learning process is often affected in schools located in low socio-economic backgrounds.

4. Use of infrastructure in learning activities

There are many concepts such as BALA (Building as a Learning Aid) where school infrastructure can help teach different Math and Language skills. By focusing on print-rich classes, students can have easy access to learning resources and achieve better outcomes.

Even the new education policy (NEP) has emphasized the importance of advancing school infrastructure for better student learning outcomes. From pre-primary campus to advanced digital infrastructure, building infra is prioritized for the betterment of education.

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According to a study, The Holistic Impact of Classroom Spaces on Learning in Specific Subjects, in addition to basic comfort, additional features are required to promote active learning. These include:

  • Comfort for teachers and students in terms of lighting, temperature, ventilation, and other physical comforts inside the classroom.
  • Well-established libraries and furnished labs that foster the learning process, and are essential for teacher preparation and revision.
  • Well-maintained school playgrounds for holistic development and academic growth.
  • Spaces and equipment for promoting artistic and creative skills in students.

It’s important to note that good physical infrastructure should be accompanied by good teaching methods, based on good pedagogical skills adopted by teachers. These are also an important part of school infrastructure.

The above points can serve as a guide for school leaders to understand the importance of good infrastructure and what needs to be focused on before working on it. Making these changes in school infrastructure can prepare schools for the next school year.



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