Ways to Select the Best Teachers for Your School

8 ways you can select the best teachers for your school

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best teachers for your school

When recruiting, the school administration looks for effective teachers who can have a significant impact in terms of student achievements.

Now the question is, who is an effective teacher and what skills and knowledge does the teacher need?

Here are eight teacher qualities that should be considered during the teacher selection process:

1. A great teacher is passionate about learning

The school management needs to look for teachers who are passionate about learning and teaching. The teacher motivates and influences students’ achievements and is always striving to provide the best education possible for the students. The teacher is not afraid to incorporate new technology and teaching methods into his or her lessons. A great teacher is open to new teaching methods and techniques and is willing to share them with colleagues.

2. A great teacher organizes and implements instruction

The teacher should also know how to organize and implement lessons in the classroom. An effective teacher must establish priorities, plan instructions, allocate time and have high expectations for student achievement and behaviour. A good teacher will customize instruction based on the needs of the students. He or she must set clear goals for the student’s learning and classroom activities.

3. A great teacher is a skilled leader

Selectors should try to find out the teacher’s skill sets and how those skills are useful for the students and school achievement goals. A great teacher must have a diverse skill set. He or she is capable of making decisions and working in a team. All teachers must be able to use modern teaching and learning materials as well as have technical skills.

4. A great teacher can “shift-gears” 

School leaders should observe teachers’ adaptability in various situations; a great teacher is adaptable in the classroom. If the lesson does not work, they have a backup plan that is appropriate for the students. Teachers must plan lessons, teaching methods, and ensure that every student understands the key concepts based on the children’s learning styles.

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5. A great teacher collaborates with colleagues on daily basis

The selectors need to see the teacher’s teamwork skills and willingness to work with colleagues and other professionals.  A great teacher, rather than thinking about herself or himself, asks for suggestions and assistance.

To grow as a team, the teacher should collaborate with other colleagues at school. Teachers can benefit from constructive criticism and advice from their colleagues at school. Collaborating with colleagues and fellow professionals benefits everyone.

6. A great teacher is warm, accessible, enthusiastic, and caring

The school leader should keep in mind and ask a few questions to the interviewee, what she/he did in their previous school. A great teacher is approachable to all students, teachers, administration, and everyone else in the school. Everyone can contact the teacher if they have any problems or concerns, or if they want to share a funny story. A great teacher is also a good listener.

7. A great teacher monitors student progress and potential

A good teacher must keep track of his or her students – the abilities, skills, and knowledge of the children. The teacher’s teaching instruction must be adjusted based on teacher observation and monitoring.

8. A great teacher is backed by professional training

The selectors should also consider the teacher’s education qualifications and any professional training they have. The goal of teaching is to facilitate learning. According to research, certified teachers are more effective than non-certified teachers because certified teachers frequently struggle with classroom management, curriculum design, teaching effectiveness, and assessing student needs.

Learning is complex and unique to each learner. There is no single teaching method that works for all students in the classroom. When selecting teachers for the school, the administration should choose the ones who have skills and knowledge as mentioned above and also have knowledge of child development and psychology.


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