As a school leader, what should be your top commitments?

As a school leader, what should be your top commitments?

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School leader and leadership

A school leader is a principal, assistant principal, or any individual who operates an elementary school or secondary school and is responsible for the daily instructional and managerial operations in the school building.

A school leader should possess strong school leadership qualities in order to be successful and build a successful school. All administrative and management tasks should focus on student outcomes. 

School leadership responsibilities include empowering teachers, building and developing individual potentials, creating organizational learning environments, responding to the changing social and economic environment, and integrating many leadership styles to improve the school, individuals, information technologies, and instructional capacity.

Committed school leader 

A committed school leader is responsible and committed to a school organization and its subordinates. They devote their efforts towards the values and goals of the school, identify needs and work towards fulfilling them. With a consistent attitude of achievement, they display a willingness to participate in school-strengthening activities.

Why is commitment important?

Once a school leader is committed, they will be willing to work hard to achieve the best results for school success. They will inspire everyone in the school to contribute their best efforts and uphold all the values. By being good and committed leaders, they will definitely influence their teachers and students to stay in the organization and attract more to be a part of the school.

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Top commitments to adopt


“The price of greatness is responsibility,”  Winston Churchill aptly said. Just accepting responsibilities and being proud of the position is one aspect but embracing it, and challenging others to do the same is the way to achieve greatness and success.


A safe and sane environment in the school is what a leader needs to create. A school leader has to lead by example and integrity. Trust matters. Promises must be delivered, agreements should be retained, goodness and politeness should be demonstrated, and others should be held accountable for whatever they have done. The drama and dysfunction in schools can thus be minimized with integrity.


Working and doing the best possible to meet the goals should be a focus. A committed school leader should always try to overcome obstacles and adversities to achieve the envisioned success rather than looking for reasons or excuses for not achieving it. 


Inspiring teachers to bring out their best potential is a school leader’s responsibility. The more they get inspired the more productive they will get and create a positive impact on the life and learning of many students. 

Every teacher is in a position to have a positive impact on students. Whether they have the capacity to do so is—to a great deal—up to you. How much of your day is spent monitoring the quality of teaching and learning? What else are you doing instead that is of greater importance?

Institution of improvement:

The main focus of education is on teaching and learning. Ensuring this happens smoothly is a school leader’s responsibility. Spending a significant portion of the day monitoring the quality of teaching and learning may be the most effective method.


Idealism and a daily dose of reality should find a balance. An effective leader must have both a vision of a better future and a strategy for achieving it.

Exemplary leadership practices

A committed school leader practices exemplary leadership skills to build a successful team. When they are at their personal best, there are five core practices common to all. Be it history, pre-Internet, pre-globalization or today.

Tips to practice commitment

  • Reflect on own habits
  • Work towards perseverance
  • Remember to provide feedback
  • Practice transparent leadership
  • Maintain a relational approach
  • Be your team’s voice
  • Make team members feel valued
  • Be a leader not a boss

Acid test 

To know how great and committed a leader is, turn around and see who’s following. If satisfied, one is on the right track; so be consistent and focus on progress and growth. If not impressed, then one needs to work on the above-mentioned commitments, and re-check with the acid test in a few months.

Being a committed school leader is all about leadership, relationships, credibility, passion and conviction. It is all about what is done and how it is done. A school leader who wants to be committed and successful does not need to look up for leadership, nor does he or she need to look out for leadership; instead, he or she must look inward.


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