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K Star Academy

How Mr. Sukhbir Gir survived and thrived during COVID ?

An Overview

Mr. Sukhbir Gir left his medical practise in 2015 to establish K-Star Academy in Bhadwasiya, Jodhpur, with the sole goal of doing something good and innovative in the education sector. According to him, education has always been a lucrative and growing sector, therefore he formed the academy to teach students skill-based learning while continuing to develop them in the formal learning system because systematic teaching-learning practice alone, he believed, was insufficient.

“Most schools focus on teaching and less on how much students learn,” says Mr. Gir, emphasising the importance of proper education at the elementary school level. He wanted to avoid this type of teaching in his school, so he used a few modern learning approaches to boost his students’ skills. “I discarded rote learning or memorisation and similar learning approaches. “I also wanted to emphasise the need for correct topic progression in the classroom. It is necessary for teaching and learning to be in sync,” he stressed.

In the challenging times (COVID-19) when the schools were shut, keeping up with new developments was important; thus, Mr. Gir intended to make whatever changes he could to ensure that the students have uninterrupted learning.

The most difficult task he encountered was training his employees to take online classes. He did everything he could to teach the teachers how to create content and videos for use in online classrooms. Another problem was that some parents were having technical difficulties due to slow internet connections.

“Varthana has been a huge help in bringing about the change that I had envisioned,” he enthused, noting that his team had been using Varthana’s Digital Solution and that, as a result, students gained control of their learning through assessments and hands-on projects. Mr. Gir also mentioned that some parents did not have access to smart gadgets, so teachers created and distributed a curriculum to their students.

“Our teachers created videos using content from textbooks and recorded themselves in the classroom. Doubts were cleared in WhatsApp class groups and we now have an app where students may ask questions that are visible to everyone,” he explained.

Mr. Gir started with only 65 students and took the number to 300 in four years, advancing from Pre-primary to Eighth grade. He noted his students come from low-income families, so serving them gives him a sense of fulfillment. “We have grown significantly as an educational institution, and we owe this to the teachers and their dedication, and, of course, Varthana,” he claimed.

Partnership with Varthana

K Star academy
K Star academy


Mr. Gir and his academy have been collaborating with Varthana for nearly three years. They built an activity room and installed cameras after the loan was approved. Theme-based learning rooms for pre-primary students have also been developed. They now enjoy newly painted walls. Children now feel as if they are sitting in a pond, aquarium, or even a forest, thanks to extensive renovations. This took a lot of money to complete. We had it in our long-term plans, but Varthana approached us and offered financial assistance. This is something we could do right away.

The fact that we are doing things differently quickly spread throughout the neighbourhood, and enrollments began to pour in. Students like the content we provide them and believe it is well-planned. Varthana has provided us with a K-YAN smart classroom product (Learn more about K-YAN Digital Classroom Product). It was fantastic. Varthana is much more than a family, and they have been invaluable during the previous three years. Varthana is responsible for all infrastructural advances in the school. Need Funds for School Infrastructure. Apply Now




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