How Principals Can Motivate Teachers And Improve Educators

How Principals Can Motivate Teachers And Improve Educators’ Well-Being

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What is the most important key to a school’s success? Well, the answer, although simple, is sometimes overlooked and forgotten. Any school can be run successfully by motivating the teachers to charge through all the difficult times without giving up on hope for a better outcome.

And who’s better to motivate the teachers than the school principal? One of the major responsibilities of a Principal/School leader is to encourage and build up the teachers so that they can face and overcome any obstacles.

Now, wondering what the best way to make good teachers keep giving their best is. It is to provide constant motivation and support they need to keep doing their job successfully. This is a great way of ensuring that the educators feel the full support and understanding behind them. 

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In this article, we are going to look into why teachers are quitting and ways to motivate them so that they can keep doing the incredible work they do.

Why Are Teachers or Educators Quitting?

Did you know that between February 2020 and May 2022, almost 300,000 public-school educators, teachers, and other staff members left their profession?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this was an almost 3% drop in the workforce. More and more educators are thinking of quitting each year. But why? Well, here are some reasons that will help us understand why:

  • Most teachers complain about not having a work-life balance. With having to manage kids all day long, they hardly have any time or energy for their own kids.
  • A lot of students suffer from several mental issues. Unfortunately, this is coming off as rude aggressive behaviour in the classroom. It is difficult for teachers to teach in such an environment. Not to mention, reprimanding them or sending them to the office for counselling and discipline is now considered too harsh.
  • Parents might be supportive and wonderful, or they can blame the teachers for everything wrong with their children. And the education system. And if that’s not all, educators or teachers are called babysitters and made fun of on social media platforms.
  • House prices and rent are much higher than they used to be. And although the cost of living has gone higher the salaries have hardly increased. In fact, teachers and educators hardly get paid their worth and degrees.

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Motivating The Teachers – An Important Role of Principals

While there is much more awareness about motivating students to help them navigate through school years easily without feeling pressured and demotivated, there is hardly any awareness, when it comes to teachers. To create a better school environment and the relationship dynamic between teachers and students, motivating the teachers is an absolute necessity.

Motivated teachers are happier and more confident, and they are much more enthusiastic about consistently doing their work that will help students get the maximum benefits and desired results. Keeping this outcome in mind, let us look into some ways principals can motivate teachers and improve the overall well-being of educators:


1. Praise their Work and Contribution

One of the simplest and most effective ways to motivate teachers is by praising them. Getting compliments for their valuable contribution is bound to make teachers or educators feel powerful. This also helps them feel validated, and important, which is necessary, considering their job consists of dealing with rowdy teenagers and children all the time.

2. Be Approachable

It is important for the principal of the institute to be as approachable and friendly as possible. Taking time to be available for the teachers and listening to their queries and concerns helps make them feel comfortable and valued. You can set aside 15 minutes twice a week to hear out the teachers.

3. Put together a reward program

To motivate the teachers, they put together a reward program for them. And why not? Who doesn’t like to scoop up some awards appreciating their talent, hard work, and dedication? Recognizing the efforts also helps teachers reassure that they are going down the right path of educating kids.

4. Stress Management

Showing some extra appreciation during those busy or stressful periods helps motivate teachers immensely. This is why during such periods, as the principal of the institution, it is important to voice your appreciation. Although it might seem like a small thing, it shows gratitude and empathy.

5. Encourage them to share ideas and opinions

When planning a special event or taking a new initiative, asking the teachers for valuable input is a great way of making the teachers feel inclusive. They might have suggestions and ideas that will help unearth some new gems while bringing in new initiatives to the special events.

Teaching is a tough job, and with the number of teachers and educators quitting their profession every single year, it is becoming more and more important to show them that their effort and work are truly recognized and valued.


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