Leaving His Job in Mumbai, Nashik Man Starts A School That Parents Love

Leaving His Job in Mumbai, Nashik Man Starts A School That Parents Love

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Leaving His Job in Mumbai, Nashik Man Starts A School

Nandkumar Chavan, Sharda English Medium School and Junior College, Jalgaon, Nashik

Leaving the City Behind: A School Owner’s Quest for Quality Education

Nandkumar Chavan always had big dreams and a strong desire to make a positive impact on the nation. Growing up in a rural village where good education, especially in English, was hard to come by, he and his friend Sunil longed to excel in the language but couldn’t find the opportunity.

“After completing my education, I moved to Mumbai in search of better job opportunities. However, my longing to do something meaningful for my community and the country never faded away,” Nandkumar says, reflecting on his journey.

In 2010-11, Nandkumar took a bold step and left his job to pursue his dream of opening his own school alongside his brother in the Kajgaon village. “I knew it was a risk, but I had to follow my heart,” he emphasized.

From Surveys to Success: Building a School Against All Odds

Before starting their own school, Nandkumar and Sunil surveyed 25 nearby villages thoroughly. They talked to parents, explaining the benefits of quality education and convincing them to enroll their children. Their hard work paid off, and in the first year, the school welcomed 160 students. Over time, this number grew to an impressive enrollment of 1,400. 

Along the way, the school leaders experienced many proud moments. Parents approached them with heartfelt gratitude, saying, “We used to work in the fields, but now, because of you brothers, our heads are held high with pride for what our children have achieved.” They were aware of the challenges families faced, such as long distances to travel and a lack of teachers, and they worked tirelessly to address these concerns. “We wanted to make sure we understood the needs of the community,” Nandkumar explains. “Our goal was to make education accessible to all children,” he highlights. “Seeing the positive impact on the children and their families motivates us to keep going.”

Nandkumar Chavan, Sharda English Medium School and Junior College, Jalgaon, Nashik

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Pride in Progress: Transforming Lives

The school has seen remarkable achievements by its students. Many have passed exams like the NDA, CET, and NEET, paving the way for bright futures. In sports, students have done well, winning prizes at district and taluka levels. “During the tough times of the COVID-19 pandemic, our teachers stepped up to make educational videos, ensuring our students could keep learning,” Nandkumar recalls.

This dedication to students’ well-being and education reflects the values of the school. “We believe in providing continuous support to our students, no matter the challenges they face,” he asserts.

Leaving His Job in Mumbai, Nashik Man Starts A School

Beyond Academics: Nurturing Excellence in Education and Sports

Nandkumar is determined to expand education in his village beyond current successes. He plans to open a Junior College, offering students a smooth transition to higher education and more opportunities.

Quality education should come before profits,” Nandkumar emphasizes when sharing his ideas with other school owners. He believes success lies in nurturing young minds and helping them become valuable contributors to society. “By focusing on holistic development, we can make a lasting impact,” he adds.

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The Bond: Varthana and Sharda Public School

Nandkumar is thankful to Varthana, seeing them as an important part of their journey. He views Varthana as an extended family member of their school, appreciating their crucial role in turning their vision into reality.

“Varthana’s support was invaluable,” Nandkumar reflects, recalling their assistance. Thanks to Varthana, they were able to construct not just one but two floors for the school building. “Their help enabled us to create ample space for our students,” he adds gratefully. With Varthana’s aid, they were able to expand from just five rooms to an impressive 14, providing abundant space for students to learn and grow.

 Nandkumar expresses deep gratitude to Varthana, recognizing their partnership’s significant contribution to the school’s success and growth.

Final Thoughts

Nandkumar’s story is a source of inspiration for those aspiring to make a positive impact. Through determination, hard work, and a genuine commitment to helping others, he has changed the lives of many children, providing them the tools they need for a brighter future.

“I believe in the power of education to transform lives,” Nandkumar asserts, reflecting on his mission. “Every child deserves a chance to succeed,” he emphasizes, highlighting his dedication to their well-being.


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