From Change to Success: One Person’s Journey of Making a Difference and Striving for More

From Change to Success: One Person’s Journey of Making a Difference and Striving for More

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SRS Inter College, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh

Jitender Sharma, SRS Inter College, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh

A new teacher walks in and quickly identifies the many challenges and hurdles the school was facing. With an unshakable determination, he begins a journey of transformation, making necessary adjustments to bring positive change. Every day, he fosters an environment where students can thrive. The school board acknowledges his talent and rewards him with an incredible opportunity – the chance to serve as the school’s Principal. This is the inspiring story of one person’s dedication and leadership that created a lasting impact on the school and its students.

The Life of Jitender Sharma

Jitender’s journey began after completing his 12th grade in 2009 when he enrolled at Ghaziabad College. During his second year of college, he took on a part-time teaching role at a coaching center, where he helped 12th-grade students overcome their doubts and fears. Having excelled as a student himself, Jitender saw this as an opportunity to build his own self-confidence and decided to offer private tutoring to students. Following his graduation, he established his very own tuition center.

Subsequently, Jitender joined SRS Inter College as a teacher, marking the second school he worked at in this capacity. It was during his time at this institution that Jitender observed areas in need of improvement. With a clear vision in mind, he approached the school owner, Mr. Gaurav, and proposed his ideas for change. To his delight, Gaurav believed in his vision and agreed to implement his suggestions.

However, implementing change is rarely a smooth process. Jitender faced initial resistance from some of the senior teachers who were uncomfortable with the alterations being made. Nevertheless, undeterred by these challenges, Jitender persevered in his mission to transform the school. He introduced innovative strategies and tirelessly worked to overcome obstacles. His hard work and determination paid off. Gradually, the school began to witness improvements in its student body, facilities, and overall performance.

Jitender Sharma, SRS Inter College, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh

School Background 

SRS Inter College, founded in 2000 by the late Rajender Kumar Sharma, started as a small school under a mango tree with just a few students. Despite numerous challenges, including limited resources and financial difficulties, Rajender invested the school’s earnings into its growth, gradually expanding its facilities and attracting more students. 

Today, the school boasts 50 classrooms and over 1200 students, a true testament to Rajender’s dedication and relentless hard work.

Leading Through Challenges

Jitender, the new acting Principal, faced numerous challenges upon joining the institution. One of the major hurdles was the limited economic resources. “If we have to grow the school then teachers and students should believe in the school” – This thinking allowed him to rally the teachers and staff, inspiring them to support the school’s mission. They willingly agreed to work for reduced salaries, dedicating extra time and effort to the students’ success.

Jitender also introduced a “zero period” for doubt-solving classes, which significantly enhanced the students’ overall performance.

“Another significant challenge we encountered was the inadequate infrastructure. So rather than solely focusing on building more physical structures, we recognized the importance of enhancing the quality of education and fostering discipline within the school. We took proactive steps to improve communication with parents, arranging one-on-one meetings to establish trust and understanding,” he shares.

“This helped us build trust and understanding with the parents, which, in turn, helped attract more students to the school.”

The school has also been making a concerted effort to visit every household within a 2.5km radius of the premises, informing them about the institution and its facilities. This proactive approach has not only increased the school’s visibility in the community but also enhanced its overall image.

“Our infrastructure was not on par with that of other schools, so we focused on enhancing our education policy. By staying in constant touch with parents and providing regular updates on their child’s progress, we promoted strong relationships and gained their trust. As word spread, more and more parents recognized our school as the ideal choice for their child’s education. Admissions gradually increased, and our reputation grew. Today, when parents are asked for recommendations, they proudly mention our school’s name as the epitome of quality education,”Jitendra expresses proudly.

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New Improved School

Jitender further implemented a change in the teaching structure of the school, revolutionizing the way subjects were taught. Previously, one teacher was responsible for teaching all subjects of a particular class, but the newly appointed Principal recognized the limitations of this approach. Determined to provide the best education possible, he introduced a new structure where teachers were assigned to specific subjects.

Under this new system, English teachers focused solely on teaching English classes, Math teachers dedicated their expertise to Math classes, and so on. This specialization allowed teachers to delve deeper into their subject areas, honing their skills and knowledge. The result? A remarkable improvement in student performance across the board.

Jitender’s innovative teaching approach brought about a positive transformation in the quality of education provided at the school. By empowering teachers to concentrate on their areas of expertise, he created an environment where students could thrive and excel. This forward-thinking strategy not only enhanced the learning experience but also had a lasting impact on the entire school community.

The Struggles

Jitender recognized the critical importance of staying connected with students and parents during the lockdown. So he swiftly implemented a range of measures to ensure uninterrupted education.

“Daily follow-up calls between teachers and parents became the norm, providing an avenue for updates on students’ progress and addressing any concerns. Embracing technology, the teachers organized regular Google Meet sessions that adhered to the established timetable, mirroring the structure of in-person classes. Additionally, weekly worksheets were shared with parents, equipping them with the necessary resources to support their children’s studies,” Jitendra notes.

These efforts proved instrumental in minimizing the learning gap that were noticed during the challenging period of lockdown. The school’s resilience and commitment to providing uninterrupted education left a lasting impression on parents, resulting in a significant boost in admissions, with a remarkable increase of around 40%.

Parents were not only impressed by the school but also placed their trust in its commitment to ensuring the uninterrupted education of their children. Jitender’s visionary leadership and unyielding determination to overcome obstacles have paved the way for the school’s continued success, enabling it to thrive and attract an ever-growing number of students.

Partners in Progress

Varthana is playing an important role in helping the school fulfill its mission of providing education to a greater number of students. Through this partnership, the school is extending its reach and creating more educational opportunities for children. Thanks to Varthana’s assistance, additional classrooms have been built, allowing the school to accommodate more students than ever before. This powerful collaboration is driving the school closer to its ultimate goal of delivering high-quality education to a growing community of students, leaving a significant and positive influence.

Future Vision  

The school has planned out a comprehensive roadmap that aligns the efforts of all stakeholders, including school management, teachers, staff, and students, towards a shared objective. 

Looking ahead, Jitendra has set ambitious goals for the next two years, aiming to increase its student enrollment to 2000. Emphasizing nursery admissions and improving results for higher classes will be the primary focus. Once the target of 2000 students is achieved, the Principal envisions establishing a new branch, expanding its reach and impact. This forward-thinking approach ensures that the school remains proactive, responsive, and constantly striving for excellence in its pursuit of providing quality education to a growing number of students.