Overcoming Financial Challenges, This Kanpur Resident Builds A Safe Space For Students To Dream and Excel

Overcoming Financial Challenges, This Kanpur Resident Builds A Safe Space For Students To Dream and Excel

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Faizan Khan, Garib Nawaj Education Center, Kanpur

Kanpur is known as the ‘Manchester of the East’ due to its leather industry and its prestigious IIT tag. However, very little has been done to improve the educational aspirations of underprivileged communities in this developing city. This is where the Garib Nawaj Education Center emerges as a ray of hope and learning, led by Faizan Khan.

Faizan Khan, who himself comes from an economically weak background, describes, “I come from a family where money was tight, but we believed in the power of education to transform our destinies.”

Starting the school was not an easy task for him. In the beginning, apart from the financial aspect, they didn’t have the right resources and technology to guide them. But this did not stop Faizan from pursuing his goal, he says, “With the help of our community’s support and encouragement, the school started getting more admissions and got bigger with time.” He continues, “But our core principle even today remains the same: To provide good quality education so that they can have a great future ahead.”

Garib Nawaj Education Center

School’s Growth

The Garib Nawaj Education Center began its journey modestly in Kanpur in 2009, starting with just a few students in Faizan’s family building. But Faizan always had big dreams. He says, “I always knew the main purpose of this school was to make a difference through education.”

As time passed, the school gained popularity among parents for its quality education. Faizan happily shares, “From having just 100 students in the beginning with limited space, now we have a school that supports around 500 students with the best teachers and infrastructure support.”

The success of the school isn’t just in numbers; it’s in the stories of the children whose education was made accessible, with some students receiving free education. Faizan explains, “Some of these students did really well in school, even becoming top students despite facing many challenges.”

The Garib Nawaj Education Center has seen significant growth. Faizan notes, “We have a big space with lots of rooms, a computer lab, a playground, and smart classrooms. Even when COVID-19 made things hard, we kept teaching online and then with smart classes.”

Varthana’s Contribution

Faizan found valuable support and guidance from Varthana. He shares, “From the loan procured from Varthana, we utilized them to build more classrooms. We even got more help from Varthana in the form of Lead School to bring in smart classrooms and improve teaching methods.”

Expressing his gratitude for having a financial mentor like Varthana, Faizan says, “Companies like Varthana are very important for education as they not only finance our schools but also help in molding the youth through education and success.”

Overcoming Financial Challenges, This Kanpur Resident Builds

Faizan dreams of a school where every student, no matter their background, can soar to great heights. He shares, “Our school isn’t just about learning; it’s where dreams of becoming officers and leaders are born.”

He’s more than a principal; he’s a true leader in every sense. Faizan emphasizes, “We don’t just teach; we inspire. We want our students to aim high.”

Through Garib Nawaj Education Center, Faizan’s love for education shines bright. He concludes, “With the community’s trust and Varthana’s support, our school unlocks students’ full potential. Together, we’ve built a garden of learning, strength, and hope for Kanpur’s future.”

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