Jodhpur School Leader Finds Joy in Educating Dangiyawas Local Kids and Fulfilling Their Dreams

Jodhpur School Leader Finds Joy in Educating Dangiyawas Local Kids and Fulfilling Their Dreams

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Jodhpur School Leader Finds Joy in Educating Dangiyawas Local Kids

Khetaram Jangid, Sanskar Public School, Jodhpur

Inspiration From The Fields 

Even though he grew up in a farming village, Khetaram Jangid never stopped chasing his dreams. His parents always encouraged him to believe in himself and to use his education to create a better future for society. They filled him with hope and stressed the importance of learning from an early age.

As Khetaram’s academic journey progressed, his parents made numerous sacrifices to ensure he received the best education possible. “Despite facing financial challenges, my parents prioritized my education above all else,” he shares. “Their selflessness and dedication inspired me to work hard and make the most of every opportunity.”

Fast forward to 2010, and Khetaram began an exciting new chapter in his life. With a B.Ed degree in hand, he embarked on an audacious venture, co-founding a school with a trusted companion. The journey was challenging, yet Khetaram remained hopeful and determined. Astonishingly, he began laying the groundwork for the school as early as 2009, even while pursuing his own education. “Each brick laid was a testament to the dreams nurtured in my heart,” he reflects. “The journey was not without its trials, but the joy of shaping young minds made every challenge worthwhile.”

Starting A School To Retain Young Talent

Khetaram noticed that many students were leaving their villages due to financial struggles to pursue education elsewhere. Seeing this, he felt compelled to open a school offering quality education at an affordable price. “We must recognize and nurture each student’s unique talents,” Khetaram emphasizes, “and provide ample opportunities for them to shine.”

Encouraged by a teacher, Khetaram initially aimed to secure a government job but eventually chose to establish a school. His motivation stemmed from wanting to help others achieve their dreams of government employment. Today, seeing many of his former students in government positions fills him with utmost satisfaction. “Education should empower students to reach their goals,” Khetaram asserts. “My mission is to make those opportunities accessible to all.”

Khetaram Jangid, Sanskar Public School, Jodhpur

Education’s Philosophy Today

Khetaram believes that education should be accessible to everyone, regardless of background. He is saddened to see inequalities in accessing quality education persist in some communities. “Education is a right, not a privilege,” Khetaram emphasizes. “Every child deserves the chance to learn and grow.”

To address this, the school leader is dedicated to providing quality and affordable education to children in his community.”By investing in education, we invest in our future,” Khetaram states. “Together, we can make a difference in the lives of children.”

Khetaram Jangid, Sanskar Public School, Jodhpur

It’s commendable how Khetaram’s teacher went the extra mile to help him establish a school, offering his 25 years of expertise in education to aid the endeavors. Witnessing a teacher set aside personal interests for the benefit of a student and the community is truly inspiring. “Having the support of my teacher was invaluable,” Khetaram acknowledges. “His dedication to our success reflects the true spirit of teaching.”

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School’s Uphill Journey

Establishing a school from scratch is always a tough journey, with finances being a major hurdle. Fortunately, the school leader had his father’s support for building the school and managing expenses. “Having my father’s support was crucial,” Khetaram acknowledges. “It allowed us to focus on providing quality education.”

Prioritizing the recruitment of knowledgeable, skilled, and passionate teachers was essential for ensuring the school’s quality and growth. However, Khetaram understood that hiring teachers wasn’t enough. “Empowering our teachers professionally is key,” he emphasizes. “We provide them with guidance on educational trends, technology, and soft skills.”

Khetaram has always focused on providing quality education to underprivileged students rather than simply making money. “Money is just a result,” he states. “A good school operates with good intentions.”

Khetaram highlights the school’s continuous growth through embracing advancements. “We recently installed CCTV cameras and quality water filters for a safe and healthy environment,” he shares. “Upgrading our classrooms with digital boards has enhanced our students’ learning experience,” he adds. “Next, we plan to establish a computer lab to prepare our students for the modern world.”

As a result of these efforts, the school’s enrollment has increased. “Last year, we had 400 students, and now we are about to reach 500,” Khetaram states. “It’s rewarding to see our school community growing.”

Discovering The True Purpose

It was incredibly inspiring to hear Khetaram share his thoughts. “Witnessing students achieve their dreams, especially those from underprivileged backgrounds, warms my heart,” he shares. Reflecting on his journey, he remarks, “While I could have pursued government exams and secured a stable position, I chose to lead a school instead. Now, thanks to our efforts, 30-40 students from our village have secured government jobs, with many more destined for success.”

He continues, “What matters most to me is the impact we’re making, far more significant than any personal accolades. Our students’ triumphs are the true measure of our success,” he concludes.

Battling The Pandemic

The school leader’s enthusiasm and passion were vital in navigating his school through the challenges of COVID-19. Despite the pandemic, he faced another hurdle when students returned with significant learning gaps. “Adapting to the challenges was crucial,” he notes. “Analyzing the learning gaps and students’ needs, we tailored customized worksheets to bridge those gaps effectively.”

To ensure success, Khetaram made strategic decisions like reducing holidays for more focused learning. “Every step was aimed at achieving the best results,” he emphasizes. “Our commitment to addressing learning gaps remains unwavering.”

Varthana’s Partnership

Khetaram expressed his gratitude towards Varthana for their invaluable assistance in achieving their goals. “Varthana’s loan helped us create a nurturing and secure environment in the school,” he states. “With this support, we were able to provide necessary physical facilities for our students to excel in their education.”

“In the past, our progress was slow due to reliance on saved funds for school development,” Khetaram explains. “But with Varthana’s assistance, we have accelerated our progress.” He adds, “We are digitizing everything, upgrading furniture for student comfort, and ensuring access to clean drinking water using this loan.”

“Since implementing these changes, our enrollment has increased by 500 students,” Khetaram remarked enthusiastically. “It’s heartening to see so many students eager to join our school community.” Looking ahead, he expressed optimism, saying, “I believe we can maintain this momentum and reach 800 students next year.”

Nurturing Tomorrow’s Leaders

Khetaram, a visionary leader, eagerly anticipates further development in the future. “I envision our school becoming a role model for others to emulate,” he shares. “Expanding and opening more branches would be a wonderful achievement.”

“While we currently offer education up to the 10th standard, our goal is to extend this to the 12th standard next year,” Khetaram explains. “I also believe it’s essential to establish an English medium school to meet the needs of the modern era.”

It’s admirable to witness emerging young leaders like Khetaram contributing to the nation’s growth. “Every step we take is towards a brighter future,” he affirms. “Together, we can shape a better tomorrow for our students and our nation.”

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