5 ways school trips can benefit students

5 ways school trips can benefit students

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“I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand”- Confucius

The statement has rightly articulated students’ learning process, as students retain more information by experiencing rather than theoretical learning. Since students have curiosity, they understand the concept better with hands-on experience.

Regular educational trips tend to provide students with the joy of discovery and enhance their learning. School trips provide students a chance to absorb, interact and grasp things from the outer world. It not only provides educational benefits but also refreshes the minds of children.

Benefits of educational trips to students include-

1. Real-world exposure– School trips provide children with a real-life exposure to understand the world around them. Any school trip to places of historical and geographical importance is always an exciting experience.

It imparts positive and educational insights in the real sense. Regular educational trips empowers children with new and enhanced perspectives and makes them well aware of the world around them. These educational tour experiences also help them develop social and networking skills.

2. Peer learning – Educational trips are a perfect platform for students to mingle and create a bond, not only with their peers but also with faculty members and schoolmates. Such trips help children open up, socialize and get to know each other better outside the four walls of a classroom. These educational trips also help students interact with classmates with whom they are not familiar inside the school.

3. Learn about local culture, customs and languages –  Trips to various educational places such as museums, planetariums and archives broadens the perception of a student and helps them understand different cultures and customs.


Learning about customs, languages and cultures through field experience is more enjoyable rather than gaining the same knowledge from a textbook in a classroom. Furthermore, in every new city, students encounter a new culinary experience that helps them be open to and embrace other cultures.

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4. Empathy and Compassion- Educational trips allow students to experience, witness, and understand the challenges faced by others in the past and present times. When children come in contact with different cultures, races, and religions they develop a crucial understanding of their views, languages, appearances, religions and cultural traditions. These experiences will help students understand the history and hardships, thereby developing empathy and compassion toward different communities and cultures.

5. Reinforces classroom material- Students benefit a lot on an educational trip while visiting historical landmarks and museums as they visualize, experience and discuss the topics they have learned in the classroom.

They can relate to the concept of what they have experienced during their educational trips along with what their teacher has taught in class. Their academic performance improves as they can relate to the bookish knowledge with their hands-on experiences.

To conclude, inside the classroom students get to know about the theoretical aspect but with these educational trips, a child explores and experiences the outside world for better understanding. An educational journey benefits them in developing critical thinking and enhances their perspective through the exchange of ideas and group discussion with their friends, teachers, and others.


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