A Narsinghpur Resident Ensures Underprivileged Village Kids Access English Education Through A Tech-Focused School

A Narsinghpur Resident Ensures Underprivileged Village Kids Access English Education Through A Tech-Focused School

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Phoenix Vivek Bal Vihar Public School, Narsinghpur, M.P

Paul Manohar, Phoenix Vivek Bal Vihar Public School, Narsinghpur, M.P.

In a remote Madhya Pradesh village, an English-medium school was once just a dream for rural students. But thanks to Paul Manohar’s dedication, Phoenix Vivek Bal Vihar Public School now offers affordable English education to underprivileged students in Narsinghpur. “Education is the gateway to opportunity,” says Paul, underscoring his belief in accessible schooling. “Every child deserves a chance to thrive,” he asserts, showcasing his commitment to inclusive education.

How the Journey Started

Established in 2005, Phoenix Vivek Bal Vihar Public School started small, with just kindergarten classes. But in 2015-16, the school management took a significant step forward by applying for high school affiliation, expanding to offer education up to 12th grade. Today, the school represents growth and progress, offering education from Nursery to 12th class. 

“Education is the cornerstone of progress,” says Paul, emphasizing the school’s journey. “We strive to provide quality education to all,” he adds, highlighting the school’s commitment to excellence. As the principal of Mission Higher Secondary School in Narsinghpur, M.P., and the director of Phoenix Vivek Bal Vihar Public School, Paul’s dedication runs deep, reflecting a legacy of family values.

 Phoenix Vivek Bal Vihar Public School, Narsinghpur, M.P

Breaking Barriers Through the Medium of Education

Paul’s decision to open a school was inspired by a deep understanding of the educational setup. He noticed that many families, regardless of their background, desired to educate their children in English-medium schools. However, he observed a significant gap: “I have seen people of all sections want their kids to have education in an English medium school, but unfortunately, the lower-class people don’t have that luxury to send their kids into such schools.”

In response to this disparity, Paul, along with two partners, embarked on a mission to offer affordable English-medium education to rural students. Operating from a rented property formerly occupied by the Vivek Bal Vihar Hindi School, Paul collaborated with the Vivek Bal Vihar School Society. Despite early challenges, including one partner leaving, Paul and his team persevered. 

He recalls, “It was a tough phase for our school in the initial days. We had opened the school in collaboration, but when one of our partners left, it led us to the downfall. Fortunately, we managed the situation on time.”

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Driving Growth Through Technology

Phoenix Vivek Bal Vihar Public School now accommodates 1,000 students, supported by a dedicated team of 45 teachers. Paul underscores the school’s dedication to providing excellent facilities, ensuring classrooms are equipped with modern technology. Engaging students in cultural and sports activities is a priority, with recent efforts focused on introducing abacus teaching.

Paul shares with joy, “Our students have excelled both academically and in extracurricular activities. They have received numerous awards in sports and other activities at the district level.” The school also prioritizes preparing students for competitive exams and offering guidance on various opportunities.

“We’ve made sure every classroom is equipped with the latest technology,” Paul emphasizes. “Our computer lab offers top-quality education in computer science. Additionally, we organize annual cultural and sports events, and last year, we introduced abacus teaching.”

In Paul’s words, “Our students’ achievements speak volumes about their dedication and talent.” He adds, “Providing holistic education is our top priority.”

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A Lifeline in Varthana: Fostering Growth and Independence

In 2017, Paul’s path crossed with Varthana, marking a crucial moment for the school. “Varthana found us and came to our aid. I wasn’t familiar with the company. A representative visited our school in Narsinghpur and explained Varthana’s offerings,” Paul recalls. “We were in the process of acquiring land for our new school building and needed funds. That’s when we learned about Varthana. We applied for a loan, and it was quickly approved.”

This partnership with Varthana has been a lifeline for the school’s expansion and independence, providing much-needed financial support. Paul highlights, “Varthana’s support has been invaluable to us.” He adds, “Their assistance has helped turn our dreams into reality.”

A Future Filled with Empowerment

Paul envisions a future where Phoenix Vivek Bal Vihar Public School has its own building, cutting down on rental expenses. “We want to have our own school building where we can try out our innovative ideas,” he shares.

As Phoenix Vivek Bal Vihar Public School thrives in an urban setting, Paul Manohar’s story reflects the transformative impact of education and steadfast determination. He concludes by saying, “The school isn’t just a place of learning but a ray of hope for our rural students, empowering them to overcome obstacles and foster dreams for a brighter, more inclusive future.” 


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