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A Successful Doctor Turns School Leader to Empower Underprivileged Students in Thane

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SMT Yamuna Pasi Vidyalaya

Baldev and Sushil Pasi, Smt. Yamuna Pasi Vidyalaya, Vasai, Thane


In 1978, after earning his MBBS from Nair Hospital, Dr. Baldev Pasi embarked on a medical journey, establishing his own clinic and quickly becoming renowned for his expertise. But beyond his profession, the doctor carried a deep-seated devotion for his mother. To honor her memory and express his profound love, he made impactful contributions to society. Rooted in his firm belief that education has the power to transform lives, Baldev aspired to bring quality education to the underprivileged students in his community in Vasai, Thane. It was this conviction that led him to wear the hat of a school leader and establish a school for the less fortunate in 2003.

Soon after completing his B.Ed. degree in 2014, Sushil Pasi, who took a different path from his doctor brothers, joined his father’s noble cause. When asked about his unique choice, he reflects, “My father’s tireless dedication to education is my guiding light and inspired me to join the endeavor.”

 Padma and Venkatesh Baligar, Jnana Bharathi Lower Primary School, Bellary, Karnataka

Known for his humility and polite demeanor, Sushil, like his father, consistently displays a thirst for learning and a flair for innovation.

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How the school started

Starting with only 30 students, Smt. Yamuna Pasi Vidyalaya was born out of dedication and commitment. Baldev took on the responsibility of hiring and overseeing the school staff while maintaining his medical practices.

“I named the school after my mother. In honor of her and the role of women, every member of our teaching and non-teaching staff is female,” he notes, highlighting his deep reverence for women.

Sushil, too, champions the empowerment of teachers. He regularly arranges for industry experts to lead workshops aimed at professional development. “Our teachers are our backbone,” says the young leader, emphasizing his trust in their innovative ideas and how they have the freedom to implement those ideas in classrooms.

How is it going?

With an eye on the future, Sushil has integrated modern courses such as coding and abacus into the curriculum, ensuring students are well-prepared for the 21st century. The introduction of interactive classroom boards further augments the e-learning experience, keeping student engagement at its peak. He also advocates hands-on, multisensory learning approaches to maximize learning outcomes. “We actively promote student participation in science exhibitions and food festivals, nurturing both scientific and entrepreneurial mindsets,” he notes. Recognizing the integral role of physical activity in holistic development, this school also offers Karate and Yoga, supervised by expert instructors.

Sushil further highlights the school’s commitment to serving the lower-middle-class, especially families from the labor sector. He takes pride in offering quality education that is both accessible and affordable. Remarkably, 150 students are currently receiving education at no cost. To maintain an open dialogue with parents, Sushil conducts monthly meetings, ensuring they’re updated on their child’s progress and addressing any emerging challenges.

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Varthana’s support

Sushil is deeply grateful for the support Varthana has provided. “In 2019, Varthana extended a helping hand by granting us a loan to acquire land and establish another school. Their support didn’t end there. During the harrowing times of the pandemic, they came forward with the Covid express loan, assisting us in managing our EMIs and day-to-day costs,” he recalls, his voice tinged with gratitude.

When discussing the challenges the pandemic presented, Sushil candidly addresses student learning, noting that, regrettably, only 42% of students could engage in online sessions. However, the school found a ray of hope in Varthana’s free worksheets. “These resources were instrumental in keeping our students actively engaged, mitigating the learning gaps that were growing. Our primary concern was for those students without access to smartphones or the internet. We zeroed in foundational numerical and literacy skills to ensure they didn’t fall further behind,” he elaborates.


Having successfully navigated the challenges of the pandemic, Sushil is now determined to further develop and expand his school. As a young and ambitious leader, he envisions establishing a school under the CBSE board with top-notch facilities. Drawing inspiration from his father’s example, he aspires to create a lasting legacy in his mother’s name.


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