Quality Education, Empowered Teachers, Engaged Parents: This School Leader’s Winning Formula

Quality Education, Empowered Teachers, Engaged Parents: This School Leader’s Winning Formula

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Icon Paradise English Medium School, Paithan, Aurangabad

Santosh Tambe, Icon Paradise English Medium School, Paithan, Aurangabad

Motivation for establishing the school

Santosh had a bigger dream than just running a successful coaching centre. He envisioned providing holistic development to students in his taluka, and this motivation pushed him to open a quality, affordable school after opening a coaching centre.

Armed with multiple degrees, including an M.Sc., M.A. in English and Marathi, M.Ed., and a Diploma in Dramatics, Santosh’s passion for education was evident in everything he did. He knew that education was the key to unlocking opportunities for his students and he wanted to give them the best chance possible.

As he worked tirelessly to establish the school, Santosh poured his heart and soul into every aspect of it. He wanted to create an environment where students could thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.

Santosh Tambe, Icon Paradise English Medium School

Starting school was never easy

Starting a school was no cakewalk, and Santosh faced several challenges. While admission was never a concern as he was already famous in the community, running a school in a small space was not easy, and as the number of students grew, he had to stretch his working hours to provide education to students in shifts.

“Providing quality education was not enough though. I believe in instilling moral values, social responsibilities, and cultural awareness in my students, and thus I made this my top priority,” Santosh reflects.

To achieve this, he focused on three critical aspects – providing quality education, enhancing teacher skills through training, and engaging parents in the development of their children.

Learning during and after the pandemic

Learning during the pandemic has been a rollercoaster ride for both students and teachers. The sudden shift from traditional classroom learning to online education has been challenging, but Santosh refused to let it defeat him or his students.

He knew that education must go on, even in the toughest of times. He rolled up his sleeves and started taking teacher training sessions to teach them how to use different online platforms effectively. The school even developed a special app to assess and monitor students’ progress.

“As classes resumed, teachers were asked to attend extra lessons to address any issues, and students were given customised bridge courses to cover any learning loss. The school made changes to the timetable to ensure that every minute was utilised in covering the learning loss,” Santosh shares.

Despite the challenges, Santosh and his team never gave up. Their unwavering determination and passion for learning inspired their students to keep going, even when things seemed impossible. As a result, they emerged stronger, more resilient, and better equipped to face any challenge that comes their way.

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Activities that help with post-pandemic issues

Mobile addiction, anger, and concentration issues have become prevalent among students since the pandemic. In response, Santosh has prioritised resolving these issues by implementing yoga sessions, dramatic performances, and other awareness-raising activities. The school has even organised visits to banks, companies, and police stations to provide students with social exposure and knowledge about the responsibilities of different departments.

Santosh says, “These activities have sparked curiosity and joy in students, and have been instrumental in helping them cope with post-pandemic challenges.” The school leader and his team’s efforts to connect with students and address their emotional and social needs are truly inspiring, and demonstrate a deep commitment to the well-being of young people.

Bonding with parents and students

Santosh deeply understands that parent involvement and support are critical to the holistic development of students. He consistently goes above and beyond to ensure a strong level of engagement with parents. One of the ways he does this is by organizing various activities to foster connection.

For instance, when a student is absent from school due to illness, Santosh and the school’s staff, accompanied by two of the student’s closest friends, visit the student’s home. This not only helps  improve the student’s health, but also brings them joy to see familiar faces. Furthermore, it creates a meaningful opportunity for teachers to connect with the parents and offer guidance and support.

This effort to strengthen the relationship between parents and the school community reflects Santosh’s deep commitment to the success of the school and the well-being of his students. It is a testament to how carefully he considers the needs of his students and the importance of parental involvement in achieving their academic and personal goals.

Experience with Varthana

“Varthana is the backbone of the Icon Paradise project,” Santosh  expresses, adding, “completing the construction on time wouldn’t have been possible without Varthana’s help.” 

Thanks to Varthana’s quick loan disbursement, the building was completed in just nine months, and the school was able to secure the necessary furniture, computers, and ground equipment, with Varthana’s timely help. “But it wasn’t just financial support that made Varthana stand out. I hardly come across a company that is so dedicated to understanding the challenges faced by its customers and providing support through various programs. Varthana truly goes above and beyond to help schools like ours succeed.”

The visionary school leader’s words speak volumes about the impact that Varthana has had on the Icon Paradise. His gratitude and admiration for the company’s support are palpable, and they reflect a deep sense of partnership and mutual respect.  

Future vision

Santosh is an inspiring leader who is committed to making a difference in education. His passion for change is evident in his plans to introduce new diplomas in mass communications and journalism, Kirtan Shastra, and natural therapy and massage at his school. In addition, he has partnered with Ramtek University to bring Sanskrit to his students.

Santosh is dedicated to providing quality education to as many students as possible. To achieve this, he has decided to run his schools in shifts, a decision that will allow him to admit more students and offer them the education they deserve. He has also pledged to invest in more computers and infrastructure to enhance the learning experience of his students.

For Santosh, “Education is not just a business, but a commitment to society. I will continue to do good for the community.”