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The Impact of Technology on the Indian Education System

The Impact of Technology on the Indian Education System
Technology has revolutionized various sectors in recent years, and education is no exception. The Indian education system, steeped in traditional methods, has been significantly influenced by advancements in technology. With the advent of digital tools, online platforms, and interactive learning resources, the way students learn and teachers teach has undergone a transformation. This article explores[...]
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Teaching methods to help students prepare for the 21st Century

21st Century teaching
Students in India have traditionally focused on exam preparation – a system involving years of rote learning, copious note taking and strict adherence to the syllabus. The proposed New Education Policy (2020), which emphasizes problem solving and critical thinking skills, will help the next generation of learners finally prepare for life and navigate uncertain futures.[...]
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5 ways teacher motivation can improve student learning outcomes

teacher motivation
In today’s world, being a teacher is an incredible challenge. Beyond the day to day challenges of teaching and grading, teachers have to deal with students who have behavioral or family issues, learning difficulties and other issues. As a school leader or administrator, keeping teachers motivated is an important part of your role. Motivated teachers[...]
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How teachers can use the best tools and resources available to create a modern classroom?

Modern Education
The advancement of human civilization is significantly influenced by Education. The way that people learn has changed significantly over time and continues to evolve as a result of developing technology. However, thanks to the internet and other digital technology, online learning is becoming more popular than ever. What is modern education? Modern education is the[...]
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What are the new learning techniques that every school must implement, especially post-COVID-19?

learning techniques
The education system has undergone massive changes because of Covid -19. Here are the four new learning techniques every school must implement, to keep up with competitors, especially post covid-19. 1. Use of technology in education  We have seen that in covid -19 pandemic, once the schools got closed, the school management, teachers and educators[...]
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7 measures you should take to improve the quality of education in your school

quality education
How to improve education quality? Improving education quality requires a focus on several key areas. Firstly, ensuring well-qualified and motivated teachers who receive ongoing training and support is essential. Teachers play a crucial role in student learning and development. Additionally, updating the curriculum to reflect modern knowledge and skills is vital. This includes incorporating relevant[...]
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5 simple methods to navigate new paths for growth in a post-pandemic world

5 methods to navigate new paths for school growth
The growth aspect of India’s education sector has always been a matter of discussion. When the pandemic hit, the matter became more serious. In India, the closure of 1.5 million schools due to COVID-19 has impacted 247 million children enrolled in elementary and secondary schools, a UNICEF report has found. In addition, over six million[...]
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