Dipender Kumar’s Success in Keeping Students in School in Rural UP

Dipender Kumar’s Success in Keeping Students in School in Rural UP

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Good Luck Public School

Dipender Kumar, Good Luck Public School, Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh

Dipender Kumar is a successful businessman from a small village in Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh. Driven by a burning passion to make a positive impact on his community, he showed courage to invest in a school, in partnership with another individual.

Good Luck Public School, which had been previously underperforming, was in dire need of improvement and revitalization. Kumar, however, was not deterred by this challenge. He was determined to bring the school back to life, and make it a place of solace for the children of his village. With relentless dedication and a commitment to excellence, he was able to turn the school around. His efforts have made a real difference in the lives of the students and their families, bringing hope and joy to the surrounding community.

Dipender Kumar Good Luck Public School

School Vision

Kumar started with a vision for the school in his village – to place an emphasis on primary education for local students, providing them with a strong foundation that would help reduce the dropout rates after middle school. He understood the key role that primary education plays in a young person’s education and growth, and he was determined to offer the village’s children the best possible education. With a passionate commitment, Kumar worked hard to ensure his vision was realized, believing that the students in his community deserved nothing but the best.


Kumar’s unwavering commitment to education and his passionate investment in the community was a testament to his character. His tireless dedication to the school was nothing short of inspiring, and he was determined to make it a beacon of educational excellence in the village. His leadership and devotion to the cause was commendable, and it has already made a noticeable impact on the school and the community. His future plans to bring even more resources, facilities, and technology to the school would only serve to amplify his already impressive contributions, providing the students with the best education possible.

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Relationship with Varthana

Kumar had the potential to bring a positive change to the society through education but was lacking the necessary funds. Fortunately, he found a strong partner in Varthana and was able to improve the infrastructure of his school. Kumar used the funds for painting the building and purchasing extra benches and fans, which greatly improved the learning environment for his students.

“Varthana RM reached out to us and explained the loan terms and conditions; we liked the process; it was simple, smooth, and the representative was cooperative when collecting the documents,” Kumar stated enthusiastically and added that he was able to provide every document that was required for the loan. “I am really impressed with the flexibility and support provided by Varthana. They are accommodating when it comes to my individual needs. With their help, I am able to take this school to the next level and provide better education to the students.” 

The school is now a beacon of excellence in the village, providing top-notch education for students and creating jobs and economic opportunities for residents. This partnership with Varthana has been instrumental in helping Kumar achieve his vision of making a positive impact on the community through education.

With Varthana’s assistance, Kumar has been able to provide quality education and employment opportunities to the people in his village, thus improving the overall quality of life in the area.

Contributing to the community

Kumar’s investment in the school was the result of more than just financial means – it was an investment of faith, hope, and dedication to the future of the community. His commitment to ensuring the best primary education for the community’s children has had a lasting and profound impact on the lives of the students and their families.

The school has flourished under his guidance; from the mere 30 students it had earlier, it now has over 300, many of whom would not have had the opportunity to access basic education if not for Kumar’s intervention.

The school has also introduced a range of extracurricular activities, clubs and competitions to allow students to explore and develop their skills, and the dedicated and highly qualified teachers ensure the students, who are from different social backgrounds, are engaged and motivated.

Kumar is also planning to introduce more modern facilities, resources, and technology to further enhance the learning experience. 

The lockdown was a difficult and challenging time, yet thanks to Kumar’s hardwork and dedication, the school was able to reach around 90% of its student strength through online education and remedial classes when it reopened. Kumar is now proud that he has truly made a lasting difference to the lives of countless students and their families in Baghpat.


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