How This School Leader Created A Pocket Friendly School For The Underprivileged In Karnal

How This School Leader Created A Pocket Friendly School For The Underprivileged In Karnal

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Pawan Kumar, New Adarsh Public School, Karnal district, Haryana

Pawan Kumar, New Adarsh Public School, Karnal district, Haryana

Born into a lower-middle-class farming family, Pawan Kumar has experienced a wide range of life’s ups and downs. His father always stressed the importance of education and urged him to work for the betterment of society. Despite coming from a small village in Karnal district of Haryana, he never followed the family’s traditional profession. Instead, he pursued his passion for teaching, fueled by his desire to give back to his community.


Throughout his childhood, Pawan witnessed the harsh realities of life and knew that he wanted to make a positive impact on the world. After working as a teacher for six years, he realized that the educational opportunities in his village were lacking. There were no English medium schools, and the cost of traveling to the city for education was prohibitive for most of the village’s population, who were predominantly from impoverished backgrounds, such as labourers or farmers.

This realization inspired Pawan to take action. In 2008, he left his teaching job and established New Adarsh Public School in his village. He knew that opening a school would not be easy, but he was determined to make it happen. He wanted to provide an affordable education option for his community, so that no one would be left behind. He firmly believes that education is the key to a better future, and he wanted to ensure that everyone in his village had access to it.

With the establishment of his school, Pawan’s dream became a reality. He worked tirelessly to make the school affordable, and the fees are very low, making it accessible to all members of the community. His school is a shining example of what can be accomplished when one is committed to creating positive change.

“A pocket friendly school as the fees are very less, so that no one is left behind.”

Milestone achieved

“We are the pioneers in taking new initiatives,” proudly declares Pawan, his eyes gleaming with emotion. He takes immense pride in spearheading the opening of an English medium school in the village, which has now become the inspiration for many of his competitors. The memory of one particular student who qualified for the NEET exam without any coaching, fills him with an overwhelming sense of accomplishment.

Over the years, Pawan’s school has achieved a significant milestone. All the high school students have consistently delivered exceptional results, a feat that he considers a remarkable achievement for his school.

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Experience with Varthana

Pawan’s face lights up with joy as he begins to speak about his relationship with Varthana. He expresses his gratitude, saying, “The support and cooperation we’ve received from Varthana over the years is something that no one else could have provided. They have been timely in bringing projects and initiatives to improve education, and I couldn’t be more grateful.”

Thanks to the loan he received from Varthana, Pawan was able to develop various classrooms and infrastructure for his school, which saw a significant increase in enrollment

“We started with a strength of almost 550-600 students, and after the completion of the building, the number rose to 800,” he explains with pride.

In his quest to provide his students with the best possible education, Pawan didn’t stop at just infrastructure. He invested in technology-driven learning and purchased the LEAD school for his students. “My students should never be deprived of anything that is available in a city school,” he asserts. “If my students excel in any field, it ultimately contributes to the growth of our school and village.”

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School during COVID-19

“It was a nightmare,” says Pawan, as he recalls the challenging days of COVID-19. The pandemic brought a financial crisis that lasted for two years, and he found himself desperately searching for a way to keep his school running. That’s when Varthana stepped in, providing invaluable support in the form of an Unlock worksheet that not only helped Pawan keep his school afloat but also motivated him to explore alternative approaches to student learning.

With Varthana’s support, Pawan started offering online classes to his students, a decision that gave parents reassurance that the school was committed to their children’s education. “We wanted to ensure that our students didn’t fall behind during this difficult time,” explains Pawan. “And the remedial classes we offered after reopening helped us bring them back up to speed and get back on track with their learning.”


“I want to make my school a brand,” says Pawan with fervor. He is determined to provide the best possible education to his students, with a particular focus on science and math. By emphasizing these subjects, he hopes to prepare higher-level students for careers in medicine and engineering. Pawan’s commitment to his students is evident; one of his students has already qualified for NEET, and the school is now exploring the possibility of offering affordable coaching for medical preparation.

However, Pawan is also aware of the increasing competition in the village, with numerous English medium schools opening up. He is determined to invest in quality English medium education rather than simply offering it as a token gesture. His passion for education is infectious, and it is clear that he will stop at nothing to provide the best opportunities for his students.