Tribal To Global: How This School Leader Is Shaping The Next Generation Of Leaders

Tribal To Global: How This School Leader Is Shaping The Next Generation Of Leaders

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Rainbow public school

Nishant Singh Panwar, Rainbow Children’s Academy, Jaunsar Bhavar, Uttarakhand

Nishant Singh Panwar grew up in a small village of Jaunsar Bhavar in the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand, India. He was one of the lucky few who had access to education in his rural area, where many children drop out of school due to poverty, caste discrimination, lack of infrastructure and quality teachers. He loved learning and dreamt of making a difference in his community.

He pursued his higher education in the city, where he was exposed to a world of opportunities and challenges. He saw how art and sports could empower and inspire young minds, especially girls, who often faced social and cultural barriers in pursuing their passions. He also realized how the tribal art and culture of his region was rich and unique, but underappreciated and neglected by mainstream society.

Nishant decided to return to his village and start his own educational institution, where he could provide affordable and holistic education to the tribal children. 

He wanted to nurture their academic, artistic and athletic potential, and help them showcase their talents from a tribal to a global level. He believed that education was not just about literacy or numeracy, but also about creativity, confidence and character.

Nishant’s story is a story of vision, courage and perseverance. It is a story of how one man’s passion for education can transform the lives of many. It is a story of how rural education can be a catalyst for change and progress in India.

School history 

Nishant had a humble beginning when he started his school for tribal children in 1988. He had only 30 students in a two-room rented house near Baad Wala Jamuna Pull, a bridge over the river Yamuna. He was determined to provide quality and affordable education to the children of his community, who had limited access and opportunities.

He faced many challenges and hardships in his journey, but he never gave up. One day, his landlord asked him to vacate the house and Nishant Singh Panwar was heartbroken. He decided to move his school to a tin shed on his own land, where he continued his mission. He named his school Rainbow Children’s Academy, as he wanted to bring colors and joy to the lives of his students.

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Nishant now works hard and tirelessly to improve his school and its facilities. He has hired qualified and dedicated teachers, bought books and stationery, arranged furniture and equipment. He also applied for official recognition from the government, which he received in 2013 for high school and in 2016 for intermediate level. He is overjoyed to see his school grow and flourish, and his students excel and achieve.


Nishant has a vision of empowering his students through art and sports, along with academics. He believes that these activities could enhance their creativity, confidence and physical fitness, and also provide them with opportunities to showcase their talents and potential.

He has invested his time and money to set up cricket practice nets and art classes in his school, where he hired professional and experienced teachers and coaches. He encouraged his students to participate and learn, and supported them with guidance and motivation. He was delighted to see their enthusiasm and passion, and their improvement and progress.

He was amazed and proud when his school’s first girls cricket team was ready to compete in the zonal tournament. He cheered them on as they played with skill and spirit, and won the hearts of many.

The happiness doubled when three of his students were selected for the national-level women’s cricket team, a rare and remarkable achievement for a rural school. He was ecstatic when one of h is students, Nandini Kashyap, played in the under 19 women’s world cup in 2022, and made the whole school proud.

Nishant is equally happy and satisfied with the academic performance of his students, who score well in their exams and tests. He attributes their success to the quality and dedication of his teachers. He was thrilled when his school achieved 92% of results in the academic year of 2018, a significant improvement from the previous years. 

Nishant was honored and humbled when he received the Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay award for three consecutive years, a prestigious recognition for his contribution to rural education.

He was also impressed and inspired by the artistic talent of his students, who created beautiful and original artworks in various forms and mediums. The artwork was appreciated by the honorable chief minister of the state, who visited his school and praised his efforts.

Lockdown and financial crises

Nishant faced a tough challenge when the pandemic hit and the lockdown was imposed. His school, Rainbow Children’s Academy, was in a financial crisis, as he had invested all his funds in paying his teachers and improving his infrastructure. He did not want to compromise on the quality of education or the welfare of his staff, but he did not have enough money to sustain his school.

He was desperate and hopeless, until he saw an advertisement of Varthana and felt a ray of hope and contacted them immediately, seeking financial aid. He was impressed by the quick and easy documentation process, and received a loan of 5 lakh rupees within a short time.

He used the loan wisely and efficiently, to pay his teachers and manage the academic process of his school. He also adapted to the online mode of teaching, and ensured that his students continued their learning without any disruption. Nishant expressed his gratitude to Varthana, saying, “Varthana helped our school whenever we lost track of our progress. They provided us with timely and reliable support. We also recommend other school leaders to go for Varthana’s loan schemes for their school’s growth.”

He continued his relationship with Varthana, and took another loan of 10 lakh rupees to build a new block in his school. He also purchased a K-yan projector from Varthana, to equip his classroom with technology and enhance lesson delivery for his students.

Future vision

As the school has equipped itself with technology and new infrastructure, Nishant’s vision now is to provide vocational education to his students, so that they can learn practical and relevant skills that can help them in their careers. He wants to empower his students to create their own employment opportunities, and to contribute to the development of their community.


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